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There’s just something about the transition from summer to fall that gets us excited about switching up our styles. Following a season spent under the sun causing overly faded colour, a switch in shades is usually the first place to start. Take a peek at a few of the top fall colour trends as we gear up for layers upon layers, wool coats and our favourite festivities. 

No Shrinking VIOLETs

Throughout each season, we’ve seen an iteration of violet weaving its way through the colour spectrum. However, while most of these colours begin to fade in lieu or darker colourations for the colder months, this season we’re seeing an embrace of vivids well into winter. Often the ideal tone to counteract warmth, a fierce new version of VIOLET is making the rounds with VIOLET.INTENSE. 

Released with the latest VELVET.FLORA campaign, we’re predicting these electrifying tones to make a splash on the scene well into spring.  

Brave New Blondes

While the return to more natural tones is ever-present, blondes are looking to brighten their shade just in time for the temp drop. Alongside chilly weather we’ll see a chilled out version of beige blonde come to light — this year it’s brighter, more vibrant and sans a root shadow. Get ready to break out the baby-lights because it is all about high definition this season. Pair your foils with POWDER.LIGHTENER or ULTIMATE.LIGHTENER to get the look. 

Credits: @hairfashionstyler@kevinmurphyhair @wadeblackford @nathankgorman @curlysiouxsie @jamesthehairdresser @kevin.murphy

Chocolate-Dipped Brunettes

There is something about the rich, warm feeling shades of chocolate evoke around this time of year. Brunettes will still be showcases subtle highlights, but this time with a wash of chocolate throughout their look. For a cool finish, COLOR.ME’s new CHOCOLATE.ASH shades are ideal to creating a fashion-forward finish. With the ability to be tailored to all skin tones, CHOCOLATE.ASH is the warm embrace brunettes desperately need this season. 

Credits@hairfashionstyler@kevin.murphy @kevinmurphyhair @nathankgorman @jamesthehairdresser @wadeblackford @curlysiouxsie @showponyhairextensions @showponyeducation

Shades of Copper

Although more muted than last season, copper will take itself to new heights (and lights). Instead of deep, rich shades, we’ll see a subtle wash of copper come to life through peaches and blushes. Expect to see slight warms come into play as undertones for blondes to cast a creamy finish for all levels. 

Credits:@hairfashionstyler@kevinmurphyhair @nathankgorman @wadeblackford @curlysiouxsie @jamesthehairdresser on the latest @kevin.murphy Campaign