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In season’s past, festival hair may have been rooted around a specific season or created just for Coachella. But with the widespread popularity of festivals all around the world, these trends have become a year-round staple. Whether you’re in California gearing up for Outside Lands or Hardly Strictly, or across the world waiting for Strawberry Fields in Australia or waiting for Tomorroland in Europe to be released, it’s never too early to start working on your style! Take a peek at some of the top festival trends (as highlighted by some of the worlds top stylists) that you’ll want to embrace this season.

Bohemian Waves

Bohemian waves are a great hairstyle for clients who want on-trend festival hair. This look is very natural and relaxed, with only a little volume and a soft cascading wave, great for festivals as the style is effortlessly chic and looks great with a fedora hat! To get this look on clients, I would firstly start by spraying the hair with a heat-activated texturiser for added hold. Then, using curling irons, I would create the bohemian waves, starting a few inches away from the scalp to allow the wave to fall more naturally and leaving an inch or so at the ends straight to help elongate the shape and make it feel more bohemian than glamorous. Work in similar sized sections, allowing the hair to twist naturally as you go around the head and spray each section with heat-activated texturizer as you go. Once finished, it’s important to run your fingers through the hair to break up and relax the curls. Giving the hair a light brush is also beneficial to give it a softer look. Finally, finish with a spritz of hairspray to hold the waves in place all day long.  – Neil Barton, Goldwell Ambassador and Owner of Neil Barton Hairdressing

Big Hair

Festivals are all about big hair with lots of volume and that undone chic finish which is why I predict that model off-duty ponytail is going to be majorly popular amongst festival goers in 2018. This look tends to work best on two or three-day hair and it is important to add some volumising spray to the roots of the hair before blow-drying hair when clean to make sure this style has lots of height and texture. Wave hair in different directions when clean to get that beachy look, this will last for the first day or two of the festival before tying into a ponytail. Add some volumising dust like the L’Oreal Techni Art Super Dust at the root and backcomb slightly before tying hair into a ponytail just under the crown. Pull sections of hair loose around the face to give that undone edge and tie a piece of hair around one inch wide around the hair tie to cover this and give a sophisticated twist. – Jay Birmingham, Celebrity Stylist and Owner of Jay Birmingham Hair Salon

Top of the Knots!

As the festival season approaches, relaxed chic hairstyles with are the must-have style of the season. A quick and easy style that we will see everywhere at festivals is the top knot that we have seen on many of the celebs including Nicole Richie and Jessica Alba.  The top knot has transferred very easily from the catwalk to High Street as many of our favourite celebrities have been seen rocking this cool and easy to wear style.

To create a relaxed top knot at home, style this look on hair that hasn’t been freshly washed, spray some dry shampoo at the roots if you feel you need a quick freshen up.  Longer length hair is great for this style and to achieve the rougher texture. Pull the hair back into a high ponytail and secure with a hair band.  Create the knot by separating the pony into four different sections then wrap each section around the band of the pony, weaving each section one on top of the other as you go and secure with randomly placed kirby grips.   The key for this look is to keep it textured so don’t be too careful when looping the sections over one another, a few stray strands will set of the look perfectly. – Simon Hill, Owner of SESH Hairdressing


A fishtail plait is such a simple yet effective style, which can be created within minutes. It’s great for clients who are attending a festival as it keeps the hair free from the face while also ensuring it looks stylish. To begin, gather the hair into a ponytail at the nape of the neck using a hair band. Next split the hair into two sections. Use your finger to separate a small section of the hair from the outer edge and cross it over to the opposite side (like a normal braid). While holding the two sections regrip allowing you to tighten the plait. Repeat with a small section on the opposite side. Repeat the steps using both sides of the ponytail all the way to the ends of the hair. We recommend taking a section ½ inch to cross over. Secure the braid with a hair band and remove the band at the nape of the neck. – Ross Charles, Owner of Ross Charles Hairdressing

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