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Ross Charles


I am an award winning hairdresser and barber from the U.K. Nominated for North Eastern Hairdresser of the Year 2016 in the British Hairdressing awards and Nominated Men's Hairdresser of theYear in the British Hairdressing Awards 2017, winner of the National Hairdressers Federation photographic Stylists of the Year 2016, Female fashion look. I am a salon owner of a beautiful salon in York ( North England ) and have my own fantastic product range. I am a Donald Scott NYC rat pack member and 75% of my hair artistry work is with Donald Scott NYC tools and 25% with Kasho Damascus Scissors. I am married to my beautiful wife Alessandra from Roma Italy and we have 2 beautiful children Antonietta and Massimo.



  • Cutting 6 +
  • Hair Color 3 +
  • Blowouts 4 +
  • Highlights 4 +
  • Styling and Finishing 4 +
  • Extensions 4 +
  • Customer Service 0 +
  • Social Media 3 +
  • Barbering 3 +

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