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With the ability to shop online or through social media, consumers everywhere are able to find and order new products with the click of a button. While this is a great innovation and a major convenience, this can sometimes lead to buyers remorse. For example, a texturiser that creates effortless waves on one hair type might not work the same wonders on yours. Instead of aimlessly clicking to buy, we suggest trying the KEVIN.MURPHY Product Matchmaker, or keep reading for a few tips to ensure you find the best products for your hair type and desired style.


The Difference Between Type & Texture

Hair type refers to the measurement of the circumference of your hair and is divided into three main categories: FINE, MEDIUM, and COARSE/THICK. 

Hair texture defines the pattern of your hair and is divided into the main categories: STRAIGHT/WAVY/CURLY or COILY. 

Apart from hair type and texture, the porosity (dry, normal or oil) and density (thinness or thickness) can also play a role when it comes to the outcome of your style. 


Common Hair Types & Textures:


For hair types that tend to be fine or thin, utilising products from the VOLUME Regimen can help boost thickness and bounce. A few of our favourites include:


PLUMPING WASH + RINSE Starting in the shower, PLUMPING.WASH + RINSE plumps hair in all the right places. By nourishing strands from scalp to tip and transforming ageing hair, you’ll reveal fuller-looking locks. 

BODY.MASS Delivering body in a bottle, this unique formula utilises eyelash thickening and lengthening technology to give strands a major boost. After PLUMPING.WASH and RINSE apply BODY.MASS to towel-dried strands and style as desired!

DOO.OVER A dry powder finishing spray in-one, DOO.OVER refreshes hair while keeping everything in just the right place. By removing excess oils and product residue it is perfect to add movement to fine and thin hair types without weighing them down. 



Thicker hair types can prove challenging in a few different ways. With this type, you’ll either be looking to define your texture or add movement. The SMOOTHING Regimen is a great place to start for thick hair to properly nourish thick or coarse hair and help define its texture. 


SMOOTH.AGAIN.WASH + RINSE A rich blend of oils and butters, this targeted smoothing cleansing and conditioner duo nourishes and refines unruly hair for a soft and smooth finish sans frizz.

EVER.SMOOTH A heat activated style extender, EVER.SMOOTH speeds up drying time and holds your desired movement in place while combatting against humidity and frizz. 



Contrary to popular belief, straight hair can actually pose many challenges when it comes to styling. With this hair type, you’ll want to concentrate on adding volume and hold.


ANTI.GRAVITY Add volume, texture and hold with this oil-free lotion. A must-have for anyone looking to add movement and shine. While it is formulated for all hair types, we find it helpful to create long-lasting texture when you need it most. 

SESSION.SPRAY  A cult-favourite backstage, this hairspray holds everything in place without getting flakey. If adding waves or curls to straight hair is a challenge, we suggest spritzing SESSION.SPRAY before and after the use of hot tools to set your style.  



With wavy hair, clients are often looking to either enhance their natural texture or smooth it. No matter what your goal is, wavy hair always benefits from added moisture and frizz protection.


KILLER.WAVES – Wash and wear hair has never been more in and with KILLER.WAVES it’s never been more achievable. Utilising eyelash thickening technology, KILLER.WAVES adds texture, hold and definition to your texture while improving elasticity and reducing frizz.

EVER.SMOOTH If you want a smooth style that stays in place, apply EVER.SMOOTH prior to blow-drying for an impeccably long-lasting hold. 

TOUCHABLE To reinforce hold and create separation, TOUCHABLE is a weightless finishing spray that enhances any texture with a flexible feel. 



To truly highlight highly-textured hair, you first want to ensure that hair is properly nourished. Once the health of the hair is treated, follow with a regimen dedicated to showing off your best shape with defining products!


LEAVE-IN.REPAIR After cleansing and conditioning, LEAVE-IN.REPAIR is a great treatment to add intense nourishment, heat protection and shine. Created to restore and repair damaged hair, this targeted treatment reduces breakage and restores porosity.  

KILLER.CURLS Zap frizz and define your curls with this antioxidant-rich curl definer. Formulated to strengthen and smooth the hair, strands are protected from heat while and curls are left soft and nourished.


If you didn’t find your exact match here, be sure to visit KEVIN.MURPHY's Product Matchmaker – a quick and easy quiz that will determine the best regimen for your exact needs.