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Densifying conditioner for thinning hair


A thickening conditioner. Lovely Hemsleya Root rich in Oleanic acid, nourishes and restores for thicker, stronger hair. Paraben free.

How to Use

Apply to freshly washed hair, leave for 1- 2 minutes then rinse.



Protective and strengthening


Maintains hair in growth phase

Prevents hair loss and damage from DHT

Key Ingredients

Biotin Vitamin B / Biotinoyl Tripeptide –1

Penetrates and strengthens hair while creating a protective shield even in extreme humidity and is considered a protein derivative. It can maintain the hair in the growth phase. Essential for its key role in the manufacturing of healthy hair in areas of the scalp where cells are engaged in the reproductive process, therefore reducing hair loss.Biotin is vitamin B, essential for cellular growth in the body as well as the activity of many enzyme systems. All enzymes are proteins and the hair is made up of 90% protein, which makes biotin an essential ingredient. Tripeptides readily attach to the hair cuticle after washing and bond with chemically treated hair to repair some of the damage caused by these treatments. They bond more wherever damage is greater for optimal conditioning at all times - the greater the damage, the greater the binding but without build-up. They will help to close split ends and by swelling the hair shaft they give the impression of thicker hair.


Rice Protein & Rice Amino Acids

Replicates the keratin structure of human hair. Conditions and strengthens while providing abrasion resistance. Amino acids are rich in the vital nutrients needed for hair repair. Because of their low molecular weight, rice amino acids penetrate the hair shaft easily to rebuild and strengthen damaged hair. Rice amino acids strengthen and expand the diameter of the hair shaft to create a noticeably thicker, silkier and more luxurious look.


Shea Butter

Delivers moisture to dry or damaged hair from the roots to the very tips, repairing and protecting against weather damage, dryness and brittleness. It also absorbs quickly and completely into the hair and scalp to rehydrate without clogging the cuticle. It is particularly beneficial for processed and heat-treated hair. It restores lustre to damaged hair.


Oleanolic Acid from Lovely Hemsleya root

Fights follicle ageing by fortifying the roots. Possesses antioxidant properties, which have a beneficial effect on the hair, making it stronger and less susceptible to loss. It's anti inflammatory properties aid in reversing and preventing the damage caused by DHT.


Ginger Root Extract

High levels of zinc counteract DHT levels making this extract a growth accelerator and also reducing hair loss.


Nettle Extract

High in iron with stimulating properties, this extract reduces DHT. It is rich in Vitamins A and C, and a wide range of minerals including Iodine, Silicon, and Sulfur. It is a powerful source of amino acids that the hair follicles require for proper growth. It's stimulating qualities also help increase the microcirculation to the scalp.


Aloe Leaf Juice

A natural conditioning agent, saturated with essential vitamins and minerals. Its amino acids and proteins deliver nourishing benefits that restore sheen, luster and shine. This extract has shown to increase the growth rate of hair. Increases blood flow to the scalp and stimulates the production of moisturizing oils.


Parsley Extract

Contains a concentrated amount of Apigenin, which increases blood flow to the scalp, promoting healthy and strong hair. Stimulates hair growth whilst it lengthens the growing phase. Apigenin is a bioflavonoid, which maintains the walls of small blood vessels therefore increasing circulation. This natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory encourages hair growth and thickness. It also promotes the adhesive proteins at the root junction, thereby increasing the anchoring power and preventing hair loss.



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