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Often overlooked, it's a fact that just like your skin, hair ages and prevention is key to minimizing damage. All too often, clients don’t realise the type of stress they place on their hair daily until it’s too late. Bringing attention to this hair care necessity, the KEVIN.MURPHY REJUVENATE Regimen addresses the needs of ageing hair for all hair types. 

Breaking down the term – ageing – hair that is toward the end of your length is, in fact, old. With hair growth commonly around 1.25cm (0.5 in) a month, the longer we hold onto our length, the older our hair actually is. This coupled with the fact that as we age strands grow thin, dry, dull, frizzy, unruly, and not to mention gray, it is more important than ever to start an anti-ageing routine for your hair early! Keep reading to learn more about the REJUVENATE Regimen and why we’re falling in love with YOUNG.AGAIN!


Consisting of YOUNG.AGAIN WASH, RINSE, leave-in treatment oil, Masque and Dry Conditioner - KEVIN.MURPHY created this line to combat the harmful effects of environmental stressors and heat damage. Working on all hair types and hair ages, Immortelle is one of the spotlight ingredients stylists and clients can’t get enough of.

Ingredient Spotlight: Immortelle 

Counteracting the oxidation a.k.a. the ageing process, Certified Organic Immortelle oil is found in our YOUNG.AGAIN treatment and NEW! Dry Conditioner. A native plant to Spain and Portugal, this perennial is known for its ability to thrive in even the most severe weather conditions.

Why you’ll LOVE it!

Usually, products that fight against frizz can weight down the hair and create a less than optimal finish. YOUNG.AGAIN serves up a serious dose of conditioning benefits while fighting against frizz, but with a lightweight finish. With regular use, it has the ability to add moisture, shine, and softness back into the hair while protecting against heat and environmental damage. 

Pair with…

For best results, start with YOUNG.AGAIN.WASH and RINSE in the shower and follow up with YOUNG.AGAIN treatment whether air- or blow-drying. For an added dose of moisture, use YOUNG.AGAIN Masque once a week alongside your self-care routine and spritz YOUNG.AGAIN Dry Conditioner in second (or third) day strands for a flawless finish.