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If there’s anything we’ve learned over the past few seasons, it is that hair colour is a unique way to express your personal style. With colour inspiration around every turn, clients flock to the salon to create a unique look. As new formulas debut and trends effortlessly change, your clients may also want to adjust their look, but sometimes that isn't so effortless. Due to environmental conditions, such as sun and water quality, hair colour can easily be affected and change before your eyes. Blondes may appear muddy and brunettes may notice their highlights easily becoming brassy. If you’re looking for a solution to both of these problems, KEVIN.MURPHY COLOURING ANGELS are here to help.


COLOURING.ANGELS are colour-enhancing treatments designed to add shine to your clients’ shade while correcting tone. Each sulfate- and paraben-free formula neutralizes unwanted brassy or yellow tones, restores colour, adds shine and deeply moisturizes for a flawless finish. With four dimensional formulas, they are designed to boost any hue. Curious how they will upgrade your shade? Keep reading to see exactly how they impact darker tones.



Whether you’re a platinum blonde or natural strawberry blonde, this is the perfect pick-me-up for a wash of rose-toned colour or for enhancing your natural tone. Finished with a pink peach tint, the result will be a natural rose gold look that varies depending on depth.



We still can’t get over how gorgeous gray locks are. Whether this is by way of a lighten and tone, or your client is simply growing out their natural grays, COOL.ANGEL is the perfect treatment for them. By eliminating orange and red tones it will magnify cool ash shades while removing any stubborn warmth from the hair.



Say goodbye to yellow while adding a perfect beige finish. Whether your blonde didn’t come out as neutral as you would have hoped or your client likes to lay out in the summer sun – SUGARED.ANGEL will cancel unwanted warmth while creating the most dreamy, creamy vanilla tone.



The perfect glossing treatment, this treatment boosts shine and moisture for any shade. Whether you are using this in between  COLOURING.ANGELs formulas or simply as a standalone the result is a unique clear coat anyone would be envious of.

Can’t decide on just one shade? Mix and match your COLOURING.ANGELS for the perfect finish. Formulated with a blend of powerhouse ingredients, they are specifically designed to revive, hydrate, and protect damaged strands with Green Tea, Olive Leaf Extract, Jojoba Seed Oil, Orange Peel Oil, Bergamot Oil, and Shea Butter. Simply apply the product to freshly washed strands, leave it on for 3-5 minutes and rinse it out. 

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