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KILLER.CURLS reinvent the way you look at waves! If you aren’t naturally curly, not to worry, we have behind the scenes tips to perfect curls as seen in our KEVIN.MURPHY Beach Safari Collection. This look goes back to our brands DNA of the beach look yet encompasses a 70s twist on curly hair in a modern, yet natural environment. Follow these simple steps using our PRIME.PREP.FINISH. regimes to get the look. Stay tuned for a new product coming out in September 2015 made to define curls...

PRIME with STAYING.ALIVE, to dampen the hair down so you can start your rough drying process.

PREP the hair with the ANTI.GRAVITY oil-free volumiser. Section off the hair into two-inch sections, and apply ANTI.GRAVITY evenly through roots and ends. Blow-dry the hair using high heat, until the hair is completely dried.

Using a 1/4 inch iron, section off 1inch squares of hair and wind around iron towards the face. Make sure to place the sections on base, and use high heat to set the curl in. Remove the curl from the iron, and transfer onto a hot stick. Wind up hot stick towards the root, and let it cool completely.

Remove the hot sticks once the hair has cooled completely, and FINISH the look with SESSION.SPRAY.