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Start the new season with a little self-care! Spending the day at the spa is the ultimate luxury. From massages to facials or a fresh cut and colour, taking the time to pamper yourself can be highly therapeutic. However, whether budget or schedule gets in the way, attending regular spa outings isn’t always possible. Instead, pencil in some at-home me-time to create a similar experience full of all the accouterments of a day at the spa! 

Cleanse + Treat:

Start your spa day by hopping in the shower and giving your scalp a good scrub. KEVIN.MURPHY SCALP.SPA SCRUB + WASH are the perfect way to begin any deep conditioning experience. By expertly exfoliating and cleansing the scalp, you can help slough away buildup and flakes and allow products to soothe and treat the scalp and strands. Before shampooing, begin by applying SCALP.SPA SCRUB to the scalp area and massage for a few minutes. Then, apply SCALP.SPA WASH to cleanse the hair and rinse the SCRUB. Follow this with a second shampoo with your favourite WASH and finish with a TREATMENT or RINSE. For extra moisture and nourishment, consider applying a MASQUE and hopping out of the shower to relax and allow the product to penetrate fully.  


Set The Mood:

From the spa water to the plush bathrobes, just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you should skip on these essentials. Make a sparkling water fruit spritzer or add cucumber and strawberry slices to a pitcher of water to help you hydrate, and feel your worries melt away. Next, turn on some relaxing tunes, have a few candles ready, slip into a cozy bathrobe and slippers, and grab a few of your favourite magazines or a great book to unwind. 

Multitask Relax:

Whether you’ve decided to apply a hair MASQUE to let sit, or want to opt for a face masque and mani/pedi option, or all three — let your treatments work for you while you enjoy your quiet time cuddled on the couch with your reading material. If this isn’t quite your speed, consider inviting a friend over to gab or catch up on your Netflix queue.