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When it comes to fashion and beauty, there are a few iconic moments that come back into style time and time again. When it comes to hair, the most iconic has continually been the effortlessly sexy beach wave — a momentous trend Kevin Murphy has been known for from the start. With a whole line of tools and products to pick from, recreating an iconic beach wave look comes down to a few essentials that can be tailored perfectly for a unique style. 

How To Create Beach Waves




The KEVIN.MURPHY heritage was founded on the creation of HAIR.RESORT and with two options — the original or the SPRAY — options are endless. HAIR.RESORT is a great option for shorter textures, or when more control and definition is needed while HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY can be used to add more volume and an airy ethereal finish. A must-have for an everyday look that captures the look, feel, and aroma of a day spent at the beach. For best results, apply to damp hair and utilise a texture comb to distribute. Follow with scrunching the hair for added definition and allow to air or diffuse dry to perfection. 




A great accompaniment to naturally curly hair, the WAVE.CLIP was created to reform hair into the perfect wave shape with less effort, frizz and flyaways. This tool is best used on damp to fairly dry hair after utilising a product like HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY or KILLER.WAVES. Ideal for individuals with wavy to curly hair where touch-ups or added definition is needed. Watch this quick and easy YOU.DOO.YOU featuring KEVIN.MURPHY EDUCATION.MANAGER Jodana Geary to get the look!



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For hair that needs a little extra staying power, ANTI.GRAVITY is part of the perfect regimen. Blow-dry in ANTI.GRAVITY to add volume and then once the hair is dry, add more ANTI.GRAVITY and “sandblast” the hair to achieve the grit necessary to add an ethereal beach wave. Next, spritz sections with ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY and use tongs of various thicknesses to create a positive-negative set. This product and positive-negative set also work well on natural texture. Instead of blow-drying with a brush, allow the hair to dry naturally and apply ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY to each section before using a tong. Once cool, apply DOO.OVER at the base and tousle for a natural effect.