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Each client has their own story — as texture is often a tangled web from toddler years to twenties equipped with style mishaps and quick fixes. As innovation expands, knowledge is spread and social constructs become crushed, acceptance has led to a widespread embrace of natural texture. Whether you’re looking to add to your list of resolutions or embrace a healthy routine, these are some of our favourite product picks to enhance natural texture this season. 

Begin With A Healthy Base

When’s the last time you exfoliated your scalp? If “never” or “rarely” comes to mind, it is time to invest in a system built to deliver results to even the thickest hair types. The problem with most traditional scalp exfoliators often comes down to their formulas and the inability to effectively scrub the scalp of thick or textured hair types. This is where SCALP.SPA SCRUB comes into play. Created with Perlite — a soft sphere of volcanic ash — this tiny scrubber doesn’t dissolve prematurely and allows for you to properly exfoliate the scalp before rinsing. By scrubbing, you’re able to cut through the buildup, debris, and a sluggish scalp to reinvigorate your style and start the new year off fresh. 

Cleanse With Purpose

Product buildup is a problem that plagues many clients. If you’re opting for SCALP.SPA SCRUB to begin the detox, be sure to follow with SCALP.SPA WASH to continue the benefits and prep the scalp and hair for what’s next. After thoroughly rinsing, follow with a moisturising cleanser like HYDRATE-ME.WASH. This formula is great for highly textured hair that needs a gentle yet effective cleanse. Once rinsed, check your strands to ensure a squeaky clean feel and if necessary cleanse again until you can be sure product buildup is nixed. 

Treat & Style

Part of enhancing natural texture comes from the state of health your hair is in, which makes treatments high on your product priority list. Consider swapping in RE.STORE to your routine to cut down on damage and reconstruct strands. This conditioning treatment can be working into your normal WASH routine in lieu of a WASH + RINSE about once a week. Then, on wash days, consider adding LEAVE-IN.REPAIR post-shower to lock in moisture, cut down on frizz, and define natural texture. After applying LEAVE-IN.REPAIR, layer either MOTION.LOTION, KILLER.WAVES or KILLER.CURLS depending on your curl type and desired level of control. The combination of adding a TREATMENT prior to styling will help improve your hair from the inside out, leaving you with results that can only get better with time. 


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