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Educating is a lot of fun; it gives you opportunity’s to see the world while working in a creative industry. I have always found education so rewarding. Having to be practical, logical, fashion-forward plus engaging in everything we teach. It is a huge amount of work staying relative and ahead of the curve, BUT to be excellent at anything takes discipline, drive, commitment, patience, and most of all confidence that can be knocked constantly when you put yourself in the line of fire. Teaching keeps me on my toes in a constant state of exploration.

Kate’s top tips for being the best educator:

  1. Find a mentor: A life coach, mentor or someone that has your best interest at heart. Set your goals and bounce ideas off them and ask for honest feedback on what you did well and what areas you have an opportunity to improve.
  2. Become bulletproof: take on feedback and setbacks as motivation, it doesn’t matter if you sucked or are the best in the world people will judge you! So become bulletproof and stay on track, successful creatives need to be able to listen but also stay focused and keep moving forward.
  3. Practice and push: Practice your craft, remain an expert, try new ideas constantly and surround yourself with like-minded people who inspire you to stay progressive.
  4. Consistency: Do anything consistently and you become better at it, so be consistent.
  5. Align and collaborate: Whether it’s the brand you work with, people or influencers, align with brands or creatives who push you, are like-minded and teach you. A passionate and inspired educator is a better educator.
  6. Do the things you don’t like: All careers have things you don’t like to do, to be successful you need to do them anyway. When I was younger I would get slowed down by undesirable tasks now I either find people I can get to help me with them or I do them understanding that all careers have areas that are less desirable but they are essential for success, don’t let them slow you down.

Written By: Kate Reid

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