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This Valentine’s day, love is in the hair! We (heart) this sinfully sweet pastel pink hue created by COLOR.ME Director of Education North America, Kate Reid. And the best part about it? Creating this look is far less complicated than your relationship status. 

“When creating this look, I really wanted something that was feminine, even poetic, but with a classic sharp edge.” 


1.     Pre-lighten hair to a clean white blonde using POWDER.LIGHTENER EXTRA LIFT mixed with 20 VOL. CREAM.ACTIVATOR in a 1 : 2 ratio. 


“I absolutely love working with COLOR.ME POWDER.LIGHTENER. I am able to achieve incredible lift without warmth, while leaving the hair in beautiful condition.” 


2.     Depending on how light your client’s hair is, my favourite pinks are created with 11.0 + 8.66 + 5.8 + PINK.VIOLET. The trick is applying STAYING.ALIVE to the hair prior to applying your pink shade. This will ensure an even colour result from new growth to ends. 


“This shade is soft, innocent and romantic while being captivating and intelligent. It reminds me of beautiful smelling roses that have dimension while the feel is powdery and soft to the touch.” 


3.     Develop visually, without the use of heat. I always aim to leave my colours on for maximum timing to ensure durability. 


4.     Apply finishing regimen: BALANCING.WASH, BORN.AGAIN and STAYING.ALIVE.


“STAYING.ALIVE instantly evens the porosity of the hair ensuring an even, long-lasting colour result making it especially important for pastel tones.”

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