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COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY created a modern balayage technique that uses a complementary palette of reflects to achieve subtle hair colour results that appear naturally sun-kissed.


6.7 + 10 VOL (3%)
4.7 + 10 VOL (3%)
7.34 + 10 VOL (3%)




STEP 1 Apply two triangle sections back to back, through the center part.
STEP 2 Take a medium-width slice on each edge of the triangles.
Apply 6.7 + 10 VOL (3%) to new growth then apply 7.34 + 10 VOL (3%) below eyebrow length on the same hair strand and below. Make a seamless smudge between the two shades where they meet.
STEP 3 Apply 4.7 + 10 VOL (3%) as a global colour in between foils.
STEP 4 Develop colour, apply finishing regimen and style as desired.



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