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Like most days of significance, Earth Day is increasingly becoming a topic of everyday notability, and now one of concern. There is no doubt about the rising sea levels, the need for recycling and trash reform, and global warming.  If you live in Australia, you probably have recently heard just how severely climate change has damaged one of our country’s most precious resources, the Great Barrier Reef.

Each industry has made efforts toward combating the crisis, and the hair and beauty industry is no exception. They continue to make an exceptional effort day in and day out to warn about water usage, encourage recycling, and create more sustainable products and packaging. 




At KEVIN.MURPHY, we have always been and continue to be at the forefront of this movement. We care deeply about the environment, recognise climate change, and are committed to teaching others new ways to help close the gap between what we take from the environment and what we give back.


How is KEVIN.MURPHY making an impact?


KEVIN.MURPHY makes every effort to utilise packaging that is either recyclable or biodegradable, whilst using natural ingredients from sustainable and renewable sources or that are harvested through methods that do not cause undue harm to the environment. 

The majority of our products are manufactured at a facility that recycles all their water, is powered by solar power and has a carbon footprint of zero. Our distribution facility also is LEED certified.

Our WASHES use only natural and sulphate-free surfactants, which effectively cleanse and are advantageous to both your body and Mother Earth. 

We have partnered with Green Circle Salons, which facilitates sustainable methods of recycling and waste management for salons across North America.   

We are part of The Climate Reality Project, which is a non-profit global organization started by Al Gore to educate the public about science and the impact of climate change. Through his passion for the project, Kevin has now become an official Climate Reality Project presenter and is responsible for communicating the climate control message to hairdressers, stylists, and consumers alike. We also make a donation to The Climate Reality Project for every aerosol product sold!

By creating GREEN.SALON, a virtual salon project that demonstrates the initiatives that salons and individuals can undertake to reduce their carbon footprint. 



Even the smallest update in your salon, or habits at home, can make the biggest difference for the environment. We hope you continue to be aware of efforts we can all make together and would love to be a part of your commitment to change.

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