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No longer just a summertime staple, the beach wave now finds its way on to red carpets, catwalks, in salons and special occasions year-round. It has transformed leaps and bounds from its origin, with endless options based on natural hair texture and technique. This season, as we see a return to natural texture, the beach wave looks far more unique and we’re embracing every bit of it. Read on to see our top picks to create a beachy feel whether your hair is curly, wavy or straight!





While curly hair tends to have slightly more texture than the typical “beach wave” the great thing about it is its ability to hold shape and add volume to any style. To aid in air-drying, following a WASH and RINSE regimen based on your hair type, consider adding SMOOTH.AGAIN + MOTION.LOTION to your tresses. First, on damp hair apply SMOOTH.AGAIN to help calm frizz and flyaways while nourishing the hair. Follow this with a layer of MOTION.LOTION to define curls and create separation for a perfectly undone finish. 





Most wavy clients know that volume can be a challenge when air-drying hair. This is why we recommend KILLER.WAVES. With an innovative formula designed to thickness and flexible volume to the hair, waves (and curls) are enhanced and imparted with shine. For best results, spritz KILLER.WAVES on damp hair and allow to completely dry. Once hair is fully dry, use fingers to separate the waves and apply BEDROOM.HAIR throughout. This effortless texturiser continues to add volume, hold and the perfectly imperfect look you’re after. 





Volume and movement are key when it comes to beach waves, which is why ANTI.GRAVITY is the perfect place to start with straight hair. Giving any style extra hold and volume, apply ANTI.GRAVITY on towel-dried hair and rough dry to create a solid base. Then, use a medium-sized tong to add slight bends and randomised waves throughout your style and spritz with ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY to help hold and extend your style. Follow with DOO.OVER from the scalp to mid-lengths to add texture and a messy-chic finish.