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Do you have a favourite shirt or lipstick that makes your eyes sparkle and your skin come alive? A great hair colour can have the same impact on your complexion. When choosing the perfect hair colour, it’s important to consider skin tone and eye colour to ensure that it complements you in the best way. Read on to find out the difference between warm and cool tones, and to determine which hair colours are the most flattering on you!



  • Clients who typically look best in cool tones tend to have pink, red or bluish undertones in their skin. 
  • These clients usually have blue or green eyes with grey or silver flecks. 
  • The most suitable colours for cool clients are shades with mahogany, violet and ash, as well as natural hues like honey or wheat. 
  • Try opting for complementary colours of copper or red with a cool, muted edge, or go light in stunning shades of platinum or champagne that will brighten up your eyes and make them pop!



  • Those who look best in warm tones typically have yellow, peachy or golden undertones. 
  • These clients generally have brown or hazel eyes with gold flecks, and look best in natural shades such as beige or chocolate. 
  • Colours such as chestnut, auburn and golden buttery blonde look beautiful against warm skin tones. 
  • Seeking out a year-round glow? Try shades with gold, copper or red hues to add a kiss of natural-looking warmth to your complexion!


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