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Hair loss or thinning strands happen to everyone at one point in time or another. Whether the cause is genetics or simply ageing hair, everyone will need to address the thickness of their hair sooner or later. Looking at this process as less of a problem and more of a transformation can help you manage the stress and expectations of dealing with this situation. From trying out new products to switching up your hairstyle, here are a few of the best ways to address thinning strands. 

Speak With Your Stylist

Your hair continually goes through three stages of growth — the anagen (active growth), telogen phase (resting), and catagen (regression). Chances are your hairstylist will be able to notice slight changes over the years and suggest a few options. If you have noticed a slow progression of shedding over the years, it might be time to switch up your hairstyle and hair care routine or speak with a specialist if you're worried it may be something more.  

A New Cut

While thinning hair can bring uncertainty about your go-to style, it might be time to find something new. Generally shorter hairstyles with blunt weight lines can help increase the look of fullness within your hair. If you’ve always wanted to try a blunt bob or fringe, now is the time. Additionally, adding in layers and texture throughout your existing cut is a great way to add thickness through added movement without compromising on length. 

Thickness Vs. Volume

Although effecting each other equally, there is a big difference between the thickness of your hair and the amount of volume you have. Thickness refers to the diameter of your individual hair strand while volume has to do with the overall appearance and height of your hair. When dealing with thinning strands, we tend to focus on plumping in an effort to counteract both thinness and loss of volume. 

Product & Placement: Meet Our THICKENING Regimen

Enhancing your hair care routine makes you feel great inside and out, and can seriously help strands that are struggling. The THICKENING Regimen consists of PLUMPING.WASH, PLUMPING.RINSE, BODY.MASS, FULL.AGAIN, STAYING.ALIVE, and DOO.OVER

PLUMPING.WASH and RINSE were designed to nourish strands from scalp to tip and transform fine and ageing hair for a stronger, fuller, more volumised feel. This WASH and RINSE ensure strands are carefully cleansed and to a lavish level with ingredients designed to increase the diameter of the hair shaft, leaving it feeling fuller.


BODY.MASS is a leave-in treatment that was created using eyelash thickening technology. With the instant ability to add volume and thickness to the hair, this leave-in gets even better over time. 


FULL.AGAIN was specially crafted with tiny rayon particles that adhere to the keratin fibres of the hair to create a supremely thick feeling when styling. This lotion is best used on the mid-lengths to ends to add fullness without weighing the hair down. 


STAYING.ALIVE has made its way on to the list of cult-favourites for a multitude of reasons, but we love it for thinning strands for its ability to help smooth hair and repair damage with a weightless finish. 


DOO.OVER refreshes hair and adds volume in this powder-hairspray hybrid. With a soft finish, it allows for hold and flexible movement with ease. Add this as a finishing step in your styling routine to give the hair a light, airy, thickened texture.