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Learning about complementary and contrasting shades within hair colour is imperative for stylists and essential for clients; understanding the fundamentals of colour theory and what causes unwanted shades in the salon will ease salon visits and aid in home care.

Up until now, many clients have been privy to the effects of lavender due to the amazing results of lavender-hued shampoo, like BLONDE.ANGEL.WASH, TREATMENT, and SHIMMER.ME BLONDE. There’s a new colour on the block this season, and the outcome of its use will leave unwanted warmth behind.

“It’s the perfect time to add a little green to your hair colour,” says COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY Design Director Kate Reid, who has been testing out the results of the new GREEN.BOOSTER. The addition of green to hair colour cancels out red and other warm tones that can arise during colouring and highlighting services, especially in brunette shades. “Green is essential for clients who are looking to eliminate any traces of red from the hair,” says Reid. “Paired with our ASH shades, GREEN.BOOSTER is the most bulletproof way to permanently out the red and maintain that trendy cool look for longer.”  GREEN.BOOSTER can also be used to create fun fashion shades, leading the way to new possibilities and plenty of inspiration in the salon.

Containing Honey, Pomegranate, and Shea Butter, these ingredients work together to moisturize, soften and protect the hair, and add shine. Learn more about this amazing new colour tool below.



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