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This season, there has been a renewed focus on wellness. Among diet and exercise, mental health and self-care practices, individuals are also looking into the health of their hair. By changing up old habits and formulating a new care routine healthy hair and great hair days are easily within reach.

Revamp Your Routine

When it comes to creating a healthy routine, the first place to start is in your cabinet. If your shelves are overflowing with half-empty bottles from years ago, it can be a great idea to chuck old products and start new. Similar to skincare, hair care products have a shelf life and can stop working after a certain amount of time. Always remember to recycle old bottles or reuse them when possible.

Focus on Your Scalp

Not concentrating on your scalp is like forgetting to floss before brushing your teeth. The scalp plays a large role in how your hair will look and feel. Whether you’re dealing with excess oil or irritation, working a scalp-specific regimen into your routine will improve overall function. Formulated with Rose Water, Celery Root Extract, Micellar Water and Perlite to gently scrubs away impurities, SCALP.SPA SCRUB + WASH is the floss to your toothbrush. 


Leave-In’s Are A Must

You’d be surprised, but many people skip this crucial step. No matter your style — blow-dry or air-dry — anytime you cleanse the hair you should be applying a leave-in conditioner of some type. In addition to aiding in hydration, this can help seal the cuticle, cut down on frizz and allow for better manageability with results that improve over time. STAYING.ALIVE is one of our favourite leave-in treatments for its ultra-lightweight formula and the ability to rejuvenate the look and feel of overly dry, damaged, or dull hair, especially after hair colouring. 

Always Use Heat Protection

Whether you’re creating a smooth blow-dry, using a diffuser to dry your hair, or using hot tools to create curls, waves, or sleek styles, any time you apply heat to your hair you should utilise a heat protectant. A styler created specifically to be used as a heat protectant can create a barrier between your hair and the heat to ensure it doesn’t become overly dry, damaged, or broken. HEATED.DEFENSE is an ideal product to apply because of its lightweight feel and conditioning properties — it doubles as a leave-in product to improve the health of your hair.