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With the ability to save water and time, dry shampoo has become a beauty staple on #shelfies around the world. Giving both men and women the option to extend their style, dry shampoo is also a favoured solution when it comes to adding volume to fine strands or grit to braids and waves. As a product that gets applied to the scalp area, it is only natural that you would need an antidote to a season full of dry shampoo and as we transition from one season to the next, there has never been a better time to detox.

Start At The Scalp

While many don’t associate it as such, the scalp is an extension of your skin, which means it too needs its own skincare routine. Whether caused by a buildup of oil, product or environmental stressors, cleansing the scalp has become an essential element of any great hair care routine, especially if you’ve been heavily relying on dry shampoo. While normal cleansing of the scalp with your KEVIN.MURPHY WASH of choice can cleanse the scalp and strands, it is imperative to also work in a scalp-specific regimen into your normal routine. 

How To Exfoliate

A scalp scrub is a great way to refresh the scalp, rid the hair of product buildup and stimulate growth. This is exactly why Kevin developed SCALP.SPA SCRUB + WASH. A two-part system aimed at beautifying, purifying, and detoxifying the scalp, SCALP.SPA is truly a treat for the scalp. 



Unique in its formulation, SCALP.SPA SCRUB utilises perlite – a sphere-shaped ethically sourced volcanic rock – that not only gently scrubs the scalp but also works to remove impurities from the skin without drying it out. While most scrubs use salt or sugar that can dissolve before exfoliation is achieved, the addition of Perlite allows all hair types to benefit from a great scrub. This paired with Micellar Water, Celery Seed Extract, and Rose Water join together to effectively exfoliate, cleanse, and promote moisture balance. 

After applying SCALP.SPA SCRUB, follow with the SCALP.SPA WASH and then the KEVIN.MURPHY WASH + RINSE of your choice for a perfect finish.

Moving Forward

Whether you utilise dry shampoo a few times a week or a few times a month, SCALP.SPA is the perfect in-salon service or at-home treatment to work into your self-care routine at least once a week for purified strands and a truly refreshed scalp.