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How to get the hair color you desire!

Heading to the salon can cause high anxiety when it should be exciting and relaxing. I’ve been in hair for 17 years, and I’ve had my own share of panic attacks sitting in the client’s chair. Why do we have so many issues with our hairdresser’s ears, hands and skills lining up to deliver what we desire?

There is no better way to dramatically, or subtly change, refresh, enhance your features, brighten your complexion or look more fashionable than a new haircut and hair color. Creatively blending in hair highlights, low-lights, accent or ombré could be just what you need. There are wide-variety of hair coloring techniques you can choose from, but does your hairdresser have the skill to execute them?

Choosing the right hair salon and hairdresser plays a critical role. Not all hair salons and hairdressers are created equally. Many people think that the price they pay for their hair determines the quality of the hairdresser and service. This is FALSE.

Do your due diligence. Make sure your hair colorist attends educational seminars and workshops to ensure they are up to date and that they are refining their skills ongoing and utilizing a quality hair color range. My first choice for quality hair color is COLOR.ME by Kevin Murphy because it delivers beautiful, multi-dimensional color and without ammonia, so you aren’t exposed to unpleasant smells.


So how do you avoid getting lead down then wrong path? BE PREPARED. It is important that you establish a mutual respect, rapport and trust with your stylist.  Ask simple direct questions and don’t be shy! You are entitled to a consultation, not surprises. Here a few tips to ensure you go home happy:

• When you make your appointment, ask for time to have a full consultation with your hairdresser 
• Research looks via magazines, Instagram, Facebook, Bangstyle and surfing the Internet to find images you like. Take them with you.
• Know what it is about the hair images you like. For example: highlights, overall tone, shine, variation
• Most hairdressers are visual. When you explain without images, you can go very wrong as interpretation can be misguided.
• Ask if it’s suitable and achievable for your hair.
• Advise the hairdresser what you don’t like: red, grey, warmth, stripy highlight
• Advise the hairdresser what you do like: subtle, seamless blend, bold color, natural looking
• Ask can we achieve the look today, in one visit, or is it a process of salon visits?
• How often would I have to come back to maintain this look?
• How much is my service going to cost and do I have this in my budget?
• Tell your stylist a little about your lifestyle?
• What don't you like about your hair color and why?
• What is my at home care to keep my hair looking it's best helping the colors longevity, are you using the right products for your hair?

Think of this consultation as an interview with your hairdresser, you being the interviewer. Make sure before starting, recap on what is the process, what it will look like, each step of the process, including prices and your colorist should put you at ease that they have the experience and expertise to accomplish the work. Once you feel comfortable that your colorist understands what you want and professionally describes exactly how they are going to achieve and create beautiful, personalized color… you are off to a cracking start!

By talking to your stylist first, you will have cleared a major hurdle in getting that fantastic head-turning new look you desire.

By Kate Reid Color Director of COLOR.ME by Kevin Murphy  FOLLOW on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr: hairfashionstyler