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Stylists are so much more than hairdressers — they are friends, confidants, pseudo-therapists and most often they are problem solvers. Due to this, hairstylists play a much larger role in a bride’s big day. Whether your client is currently planning their #mircowedding or making plans for 2023, it is always a great idea to keep your bridal kit fully stocked. Similar to a session kit, there are a few choice products that every stylist should keep on hand for the special occasion to ensure smooth hair and settled tensions. 

What to Keep in your Kit:

The Tools:

While the basic hot tools — blow dryer, curling tong, straightener and waver are a given, keeping a plethora of clips, bobby pins, elastics and accessories is essential. Even if you practised a subtle wave for the day, the weather could change in an instant and the bride may now want an upstyle instead. It can be a great idea to practice a few quick and simple go-to styles in case they change their mind.


The Products:


The one thing everyone looks for in a product when it comes to creating a bridal style is the hold factor. Their day will start early and end late, so a product that can elongate their style memory is key. Activated by heat, KEVIN.MURPHY EVER.SMOOTH shortens drying time and utilises Long Chain Polymers to create a unique network of cross-links that help a style keep its memory while also repelling against the effects of humidity. 

For best results: Section hair and saturate before blowdrying. Both blow-drying and the use of hot tools will activate the product for maximum effectiveness. 


Whether your bride prefers an upstyle on second-day hair or you’re adding a last-minute bridesmaid to the roster, DOO.OVER is an excellent styler to keep on hand for a variety of reasons. With the ability to refresh and add texture, it can instantly lock your style into place without weighing the hair down and allowing for flexibility. 

For best results: Once hair is dry and styled, spritz through the scalp and mid-lengths for an effortless hold and boost of volume. 



Like waterproof mascara, hairspray is an absolute must on wedding days. No matter what climate you’re working in — humid, dry, windy, rainy — hairspray is the finishing touch that every bride (or bridesmaid) needs. We suggest adding both SESSION.SPRAY and SESSION.SPRAY FLEX to your bridal kit. Both have the same great qualities of locking in a style and locking out moisture sans flakes, however, SESSION.SPRAY FLEX allows for slightly more flexibility in it’s finish. 

For best results: Use on dry hair before and after heat styling to ensure curls or waves hold their shape. Additionally, make sure this is the final step in any style to keep your bride’s look in place. 

The Extras:

Pick a few of your favourite products and pick up the travel-sized version for your client. SESSION.SPRAY and FRESH.HAIR can help your bride refresh their style later in the evening or even the next morning and are great gifts while also making them feel extra special on their important day.