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Summer tends to be everyone’s favourite season, and for good reason — from vacations spent on the beach or exploring new cities and trying new delicacies. However, the warmer months can also bring with them a new form of damage when it comes to the condition of your hair. Travelling to new places can leave you susceptible to harsh water, excess chlorine exposure and an increase in UV rays. While reapplying SPF will keep your skin safe, find out a few of our most-trusted ways to repair your hair post-summer vacation!

Stay Away From Heat:

Whether you spent time under the sun or excessively heat-styled your hair this season — take a step back from anything heat-related and allow your hair to air-dry more often. By switching up your routine and cutting out the heat, you’ll give your hair a much-needed break to get back to its prime state. If you rely on heat styling, be sure to add HEATED.DEFENSE to your prep routine to help safeguard against the elements. 

Get A Gloss:

Anytime you return from vacation or have had an extended amount of time between salon visits, pH.D treatments are a great way to add shine, refresh tones and condition the hair. This salon service can include a slight tone or you can ask for a CLEAR shade to give the hair a high level of gloss. This is recommended for clients who regularly colour their hair or if they wear a natural shade.

Hair Dusting:

Do not attempt this at home. Hair dusting is the process by which stylists slightly bend sections of hair to reveal split ends - they then trim or slightly “dust” the ends. You can easily ask your stylist to perform this alongside a blowout service or in addition to your haircut. 

Swap Products:

One of the best ways to repair your hair daily is by swapping out products for ones specifically targeted to repair the hair. Case in point: KEVIN.MURPHY REPAIR-ME.WASH and RINSE + RE.STORE and LEAVE-IN.REPAIR. Get to know each one of these a little better.



Bring hair back to life with this luxurious, nourishing shampoo and conditioner system. From cutting down on dry hair and damage to treating over-processed hair and banishing frizz, this formula is filled with proteins and amino acids to strengthen the hair from the inside out. 


This cleansing and repairing treatment can be used 1-2 times a week as a substitute for shampoo + conditioner. A powerhouse of ingredients will help carefully bind moisture to increase elasticity, strength and reconstruct damaged hair. **Be sure to use REPAIR-ME.WASH and RINSE for two consecutive wash cycles, and then replace both with RE.STORE for the third wash. 


Following each shower, LEAVE-IN.REPAIR is the ideal treatment to apply to provide intense nourishment and repair. This weightless formula adds shine and gloss and doubles as a heat-protectant. Use it before blow-drying or as the perfect product to aid in air-drying.