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KEVIN.MURPHY is a brand devoted to the preserving the environment. Recognising climate change and creating the tools and methods to combat the growing problem has been part of our ethos from the start in the Choices We Make. This year, we are have expanded our efforts to make an impact on the ever-changing earth.

Our newest partnership with EcoHeads draws our focus to water usage and presents effective methods to cut down on consumption. EcoHeads is a showerhead for the professional salon that uses 65% less water than a regular showerhead while giving double the amount of pressure at the back bowl. This tool addresses many common salon issues like weak pressure, hot water shortages, water and energy bills, all while helping to save our environment. Founder Kevin Murphy said, “Saving resources is very important to me, we’ve been using ECOHEADS for years, they perform really well and our colours rinse out easier and faster. The quality of the water is cleaner and the fact that you can do some good for the environment by saving water is peace of mind for our future.”

Recognizing that we are rapidly depleting the global source of fresh water is only one of the reasons we’re proud to announce the partnership. Negative ions in the head reintroduce moisture into the hair creating a healthier rinse, while filtration removes sediment, dirt, and harsh chemicals like chlorine from water for cleaner hair. The design of the head doubles the pressure for faster rinsing, deeper scalp massaging, and an overall better client in-salon experience.

Please join us in our fight to preserve our planet. Become part of the KEVIN.MURPHY movement to give back. Visit http://www.ecoheads.com.au/.

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