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Colour has undoubtedly become one of the most coveted services in the salon. No matter the hair length, clients can express themselves in new ways simply by adding a new shade. With the influx of new techniques stemming from looks we've seen on the runway and on influencers, there are many colour trends that you will be dying to try out. To ensure you perfect the look, take a peek at some the COLOR.ME tools and products we can’t get enough of!


Committed to making eco-conscious solutions, the COLOUR.WHEEL is another innovation that can help cut down on waste behind the chair. Mimicking a skateboard wheel, it allows you to roll over the tube, squeezing out every last drop of colour. Stain-resistant and easy to use, it will help streamline your workflow and conserve product in the salon. 


This revolutionary colouring tool will not only ensure a seamless application, but it will also save time behind the chair. Crafted from bamboo, this wand picks up the finest strands of hair to give you the perfect sections for babylights. Couple this with FREESTYLE.LIGHTENER for the ultimate Twilight look. 


Quickly becoming a stylist-favourite this season, FREESTYLE.LIGHTENER allows you to explore free-hand colouring techniques with various levels of lift. The clay-based formula sets this product apart with the ability to paint controlled sections of lightener in the hair. Perfect for balayage-based looks, 7-levels of lift allows you to bring dark, medium, and light base shades to life. 


Whether you already have a balayage system down or are looking to upgrade your current routine, the COLOUR.PALETTE will streamline the application and adds a level of control to your services. When performing a balayage technique, you want to be able to really push the product into each section, and this tool helps facilitate that. Designed for ease of use and ultimate comfort, the grip to ensures stability while the product reservoir holds colours in between applications to speed up your free-hand process. Paired with FREESTYLE.LIGHTENER this is the ultimate balayage duo.  


Cutting down on water consumption as well as waste in the salon, SUGARCANE.BOWL-LINERS can easily be swapped out to save time between clients. Made from 100% renewable sugar cane fibre, each insert is completely compostable within 30 days of use. Pro tip: if your colour service requires multiple formulations, you can also write recipes on the handle to easily keep track of what's in each bowl!