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KEVIN.MURPHY releases its latest product, designed to tame even your most stubborn frizz and flyaways.

Frizz is a naturally occurring effect – the response your hair creates when humidity or damage is imposed upon it. With the latest release, SMOOTH.AGAIN WASH and RINSE, KEVIN.MURPHY uses naturally derived ingredients with a targeted approach to smooth, refine and restore the structure of the hair.

Kevin Murphy explains, “This formulation addresses a huge challenge in hair care
- making the most of thick, coarse hair. Often, people with this kind of hair also have a lot of natural wave and curl, which is potentially wonderful, but can easily lead to uncontrolled dryness, frizz and breakage. Most products for this hair type tend to weigh the hair down, make it stiff, and leave it greasy. Our targeted formula actually meets the surface-texture, and infuses the reparative ingredients seamlessly where the strands need it the most. As a result, the hair is stronger and shinier, softer and more supple. This level of smoothing and protection is essential, especially if you heat style your thick, wavy hair to get it long, lush and straight.”

The fact that SMOOTH.AGAIN WASH and RINSE is suitable for all hair types reinforces its unique ability to tame frizz without sacrificing style. A three-part system, SMOOTH.AGAIN WASH, RINSE, and anti-frizz treatment softens, smoothes and nourishes your hair. Containing restorative Monoi Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, which mimics the oils of a healthy scalp and Brazil Nut Oil to protect and nourish strands from previous and future damage, SMOOTH.AGAIN WASH and RINSE will nurture your hair while fighting frizz with nature.

A beautiful style starts with a great foundation, so ensure your style is guarded from the environment with SMOOTH.AGAIN WASH and RINSE!

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