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MSFW: ‘How-To’ Runway 2 from KEVIN.MURPHY


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PRIME damp hair with UN.TANGLED and dry in directionally. Take a deep U-section from recession to recession and clip away. Section the sides out behind the ears with a slightly curved line.



PREP with BODY.BUILDER , create a low pony just left of centre in the back and tie off with hat elastic. Add the sides in and very gently smooth over the tail using a flat iron if necessary. Place a stitch on either side of the head just behind the centre of the ear to hold a hair bungee.



Let down the top section and from an imperfect centre part, use a large tong horizontally in big sections to add movement but not curl. After cooling, let the hair down. Using a SMOOTHING.BRUSH and TEXTURE.COMB , smooth over to flow backwards to gently covering the ponytail.



Hook a hair bungee into the stitch and rouche into a shape that is loose, has flow with a little height at the crown and captured at the occipital.



FINISH with POWDER.PUFF for texture and SESSION.SPRAY for hold, while pulling out some pieces around the face.



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