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Let’s face it, as the next generation of #girlbosses you don’t always have time to primp your hair in the morning. You’ve probably nailed the après office to date night look, but what about running out the door on a busy morning? As we all know, it’s not a good idea to skip breakfast these days so instead, try these top tips to ensure you look as great as you feel!

All is fair in love and waves.

Instead of using a hot tool to create perfect waves, rely on a proper product + air-drying to make waves in no time at all. After washing and rinsing hair with your shampoo and conditioner duo of choice – we love REPAIR.ME.WASH and RINSE – spritz your hair (while still wet) with KILLER.WAVES and use a texture comb to diffuse the product through your strands. Allow hair to completely air dry and then use your fingers to tousle strands before heading into the office. If hair is prone to frizz, add SHIMMER.SHINE before you step out the door.


Slick Back Your Style

Whether you’re a fan of morning workouts or you simply like your hair out of your face, slicking hair back is an easy way to add style to your morning routine. After showing, remove most of your moisture with a towel and apply YOUNG.AGAIN from roots to ends, then rough dry to remove excess moisture, occasionally wrapping hair in the direction you will style it as you go. Then, using a fine-toothed comb, slick hair back and pull into 1 or 2 ponytails for proper tension. Finish with SHIMMER.SHINE all over for added sheen.

Wrap It Right Round

The PAINTBRUSH.PONY added interest to an otherwise classic shape. Using extensions, KEVIN.MURPHY SESSION.MASTER Massimo Morello created this look that was worn at Melbourne Fashion Week. To get the look, prep hair with ANTI.GRAVITY and then pull hair into a 2-step pony, wrap hair with extensions and finish with SESSION.SPRAY for hold.


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