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Nothing ruins a night out on the town or a day by the beach quite like the onset of frizz. As nights begin to cool and the dew factor increases, the fight to keep the fuzzies away is all too real. If you’ve been in pursuit of a one-stop-shop product to take your blowout from frizzy to fabulous, look no further. EVER.SMOOTH is the holy grail of frizz fighters that promotes benefits lasting well into your next wash. Not sure if this product is right for you? Find out what the chatter is all about. 

EVER.SMOOTH could be described as a miracle in a bottle. With a divine aroma, this heat-activated spray speeds up your blowout while putting even the fiercest of frizz to bed. 

The Fundamentals

Breaking down the technology behind the product, EVER.SMOOTH utilises Long-Chain Polymers to form a network of protection around each strand to smooth, condition, and extend the life of your blowout. Cross-linking to create an invisible hydrophobic shield, these Polymers seal in hydration, shine and smoothness while locking out humidity. Inspired by innovation in skincare, this product uses a Wood Bark Complex that creates a function similar to the way in which AHA’s work. This blend gently protects your style through the addition of water-soluble Phyto-Acids, which work in tandem to resist frizz. 


The Lasting Effect

If you’re not into the nitty-gritty’s, know that EVER.SMOOTH is a spray-in styler that should be applied on damp or dry hair prior to blow-drying or heat styling. It speeds up your blowout, conditions the hair, fights against frizz and creates a lasting smoothing effect that you’ll notice even after your next wash. Lightweight enough to be used every day, it creates a long-lasting style and enhances the appearance of the strands for a healthy finish. 

Pair With

Due to its all-in-one properties EVER.SMOOTH is a great standalone product, but if you’re looking for something more these are a few of our favourite pairings. 


Perk up your experience in the shower with the addition of SMOOTH.AGAIN.WASH and RINSE prior to your blowout. Enhancing the smoothing properties, this system will work wonders from start to finish.



If strands are overly damaged or supremely sensitive to heat, add a layer of HEATED.DEFENSE or an added dose of protection prior to heat styling.  


A trusted companion on-set or in the salon, a spritz of SESSION.SPRAY FLEX post-styling adds an extra helping hand for humidity resistance while keeping your style effortlessly flexible yet in place.