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The great thing about hair accessories is their ability to transform your style from understated to exquisite in an instant. They can show off your hair colour by providing contrast, accentuate your cut by altering your style and step up your look if you’re having a bad hair day. They were first spotted on the runways at shows like Chanel, Zadig & Voltaire, Versace, Zimmerman, and Alexander Wang and have continued to be a hit with both social and celebrity starlets alike. If you haven’t donned a hair accessory since the days you bought butterfly clips from Limited Too – a popular tween store from the 00's – your regimen may need a little updating. Keep reading to learn all the best ways to add hair accessories to your style!


Perk Up Your Ponytail

If you’re sporting second-day hair, the easiest way to transform your style is with a spritz of FRESH.HAIR dry shampoo and a hair accessory. You can either dress up a slick middle part with hair clips on each side before pulling it back into a low pony or pick up a ponytail cuff to dress up your look – giving your friends something to envy as you walk away.


The Best Braids

Braids are such a great style for summer. They can calm frizz and flyaways, keep you cool under the sun and add interest to any hair colour. To add to their beauty you can add embellishments, such as chains or fringe, to add sparkle to your style. We saw looks such as these at the SAG Awards on The Crown star Vanessa Kirby and have not been able to get it off our minds since. To get a similar look, you’ll want to prep hair with BEDROOM.HAIR. Add a wave to the hair and then spritz with a texturising spray and then loosely braid with a chain and then pull tendrils out to make an undone feel.


Add Interest To Any Blowout

Sleek blowouts have been seen everywhere this season as the return of styling is trending again. The Fall 2019 Versace runway showcased this in full force. With a sleek middle part and a perfectly bent blowout, girls wore a single barrette at each side. This not only accentuated their part but added a 60s flair to their overall look. To achieve an extra sleek look, spritz hair with SESSION.SPRAY FLEX to ensure flyaways are kept at bay.


Side Swept & Side Parts

There is no doubt about it, side swept hairstyles are extremely dramatic in the best ways possible. By adding hair accessories in the form of barrettes and clips to the look, this will not only keep the style in place but also add to its excitement. Clips are also a great addition to a side part style because of their ability to keep a severe part in place. Prep with HEATED.DEFENSE and then use a directional blow-dry to start this style. Finish with a spritz of SESSION.SPRAY FLEX before placing your barrette of choice.


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