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Depending on hair type and length desired, there are various style options that can help anyone achieve an effortless finish — the key is the perfect cut to get you there. With a cut specifically tailored to the style you wish to achieve, you are able to cut down on unnecessary styling and excessive use of products whether your goal is the perfect air-dry or a no-fuss blow-dry. 

Textured Bobbies


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While the textured lob was one of the hottest trends for the past few seasons, this year the shape is getting even shorter with a more traditional bob length. We love this look paired with an undone or beach wave for added off-duty effect. To get the style, be sure to ask your stylist for shattered texture throughout the style, especially the ends to create a more undone weight line. Then pair this cut with HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY and an air-dry or utilise EVER.SMOOTH prior to blow-drying and tong work for a style that stays. 



Long Layers


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Long layered haircuts are a trend that will never go out of style. With the increase in natural texture and embracing curls this season, this is a must-have in the salon. Long layered haircuts work wonders for curly textures for their ability to add shape and bounce without taking away too much weight necessary for the desired silhouette. If you are looking for a smooth style, pair your long layers with EVER.LIFT to ensure plenty of volume at the base. Otherwise, reach for LEAVE-IN.REPAIR or layer STAYING.ALIVE and YOUNG.AGAIN for an effortless air-dry finish. 



Curtain Fringe


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Curtain fringe is the go-to option for any commitment-phobe. Offering the feel of fringe without the drastic nature of full chop, this style is much softer than most and can easily be grown out or concealed. We love this look finished with soft, bouncy curls as well as with natural texture. To get a similar look, prep hair with PLUMPING.WASH and RINSE and after towel-drying apply EVER.BOUNCE before blow-drying to perfection.



Faux Shag


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The shag has always been about added texture and the ability to create movement within a cut. The modernisation of this look with the Faux Shag adds the same ability to create undone texture without a deliberate shag cut. To get the look, your stylist can add texturising techniques to your layers to ensure movement throughout. To get the look, cleanse hair with STIMULATE-ME.WASH and STIMULATE-ME.RINSE, and on towel-dried hair apply YOUNG.AGAIN + KILLER.WAVES. Once hair is dry, add a dusting of POWDER.PUFF at the base to create volume and hold.