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By now it’s well known that washing your hair every day can actually be detrimental to the normal function of your scalp and the health of your hair. If you like to wash your hair the second you see any oil, it might be a good idea to brush up on a few second-day styles to prolong your look. Not only does this allow your natural oils to perform their function, to be honest, some styles or hair types actually better once they hit second-day status. Read on to learn how to hit the reset button on your style without having to wash and why we love a second-day style. 

Your New BFF

Learning to embrace a second-day style doesn’t mean that you need to suffer through an unwanted finish. Dry shampoo can easily whisk away the appearance of oil while easily refreshing your strands so they can learn to live another day without washing. The benefits of dry shampoo go beyond saving you extra time in the morning, by utilising this product you can also cut down on the amount of water you use on a daily basis by skipping the shampoo. 


Your BFF’s Bestie

In addition to dry shampoo, dry conditioner helps put moisture back into your style when you need it most. While oil may be a problem that dry shampoo fixes at the scalp, lack of moisture is the other component many overlook, which can lead to a dry and dull appearance. Dry conditioner is the answer to your second-day needs by providing essential hydration and moisture to create softness and manageability while protecting against the elements. 


Braids Are Better

We don’t just love second-day styles for their ease, sometimes they actually create better canvases for alternative hairstyles like braids or up styles. This is because when hair is too clean, it can be hair to create a defined look. By utilising natural oils and the help of a bit of grit from dry shampoo, you’ll notice how much more smooth braids and up styles appear.

You Get Your Morning’s Back

If your idea of the perfect morning is hitting the snooze button seven times, then second-day styles are definitely for you. Depending on hair type and texture, you might even be able to successfully stretch your style into day three or four without anyone on Zoom even catching on. Summer is the perfect time to pick up stylers that allow you to stretch your time between shampoos, giving you more time to enjoy the beautiful weather.