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Fall is right around the corner and to help us transition our blonde between seasons, COLOR.MASTER Marsha Moran shares her go-to technique for creating a flattering, seasonally true hue.

In the summer months, blondes love the brightness and prefer a clean, white blonde to maximise their summertime complexion. As summer tans fade and we move into fall, it’s a great opportunity to enhance your client’s hair colour by adding some warmth to boost the glow in their skin.

A fast and easy technique to add warmth is by slicing lowlights into the crown and finishing with a warm all over gloss, always remembering to keep the face frame bright, it will be important for your client’s overall look.

Starting by weaving baby lights close together using COLOR.ME CREAM.LIGHTENER on a diagonal section for that extra modern brightness. 

When moving away from the face frame, begin to add in a low light by choosing a shade that is two depths darker around the crown area to the mid-shaft. Choosing a warm COLOR.ME reflect of .3 (G) GOLD, apply only to the mid-shaft. In the same foil, add the same reflect .3(G) one depth lighter throughout the ends within the same foil. Leave unfolded and lay another foil on top.

Finish the look by adding a 10.3 (G) with CREAM.ACTIVATOR 3.5 VOL. gloss all over, leave on for ten minutes then rinse and follow up with the COLOR.ME FINISHING REGIMEN. This will create a flawless warm glow.

When styling your finished look, try SHIMMER.SHINE or SHIMMER.ME BLONDE, an antioxidant-rich, multi-tasking treatment and finishing mist that maximises warm shine while restoring softness to the hair.


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