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At this point, many of us have either gone months without a proper haircut or attempted to fix the problem at home. Whether you’re reeling from the regrettable decision to trim your own hair or you are desperately in need to visit to your stylist, there are a few styles that can easily hide split ends, outgrown layers or at-home blunders. Take a peek at the styles sure to give you all the model-off-duty vibes you desire. 


High Ponytail 


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Squeezing in an at-home yoga sesh between Zoom meetings or feeling fancy on a Friday? The high pony is an easy way to upgrade your usual style with a great deal of flair. Working with natural texture or second-day curls, spray YOUNG.AGAIN DRY CONDITIONER throughout the hair and pull into a high pony. Then spray the ends with BEDROOM.HAIR and separate your strands to create a fluffy feel. 



Updated French Twist


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The French twist has always been an iconic look — one many of us often opted for at prom. Classically smooth and pulled away from the face, the new iteration is much softer and more surreal. A cross between an undone bun and a chignon, this look involves leaving natural-looking tendrils of texture around the face and pulling hair back into a soft finish somewhere near the occipital bone. Tailor the height to facial features and alternate BEDROOM.HAIR and then SESSION.SPRAY to finish the hair with an undone effortless feel. 



Low Pony


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We’ve all had those days where you just can’t get your hair to behave. When this happens it can actually feel more freeing to pull it back away from your face and allow your natural texture to live free in a low pony. Start with KILLER.CURLS on damp hair and allow to dry. Then apply YOUNG.AGAIN throughout to add moisture, shine and manageability. Pull hair into a low pony and spritz BEDROOM.HAIR on your ends to add grit and hold. For a little something extra, consider clips or barrettes along your hairline or in your pony. 


Back Braid


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For those days where you’re rushing out the door, refreshing a second-day style or are beating the heat with a braid — this look gives off major runway vibes and is sure to complement any outfit. To achieve this style, apply EVER.SMOOTH + ANTI.GRAVITY on damp hair and dry. Then layer HAIR.RESORT + YOUNG.AGAIN on dry hair to create a “wet” look, comb through and fasten into a voluminous braid down your back.