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While Marie Kondo has had quite the effect on homes all across the world – “Does it spark joy?” – Hitting the refresh button this season shouldn’t just be contained to tidying up your home! After months of shifting weather and product buildup, a visit to the salon and a new at-home routine is just what the stylist ordered! As you begin to tidy up your salon stock and bathroom cabinets take a peek below to see our top tips to refresh your client’s hair colour!

In the Salon

Keeping consistent appointments is the first place to start. This year, instead of the client’s visiting “whenever they feel like it,” make it a point to schedule regular hair colour appointments for them. This will not only improve the condition of their hair, but it will also refine their tone as well! 

  • 3-5 weeks - Root touch-ups should be scheduled to ensure a prime application window.
  • 4-6 weeks - Hair glosses should be scheduled to keep colour looking bright and conditioned. These can be combined with root touch-ups and highlight appointments.
  • 6-8 weeks - Foil highlights should be scheduled for best placement results and to ensure a refined tone.
  • 8-10 weeks – Balayage appointments can sometimes be stretched out depending on their desired result. Closer appointments may be necessary for more dramatic results. To keep tone looking its best, be sure to schedule gloss appointments in between!

Utilise CLEAR

Sometimes when clients come in, you know they’re in need of something but you just can't put your finger on it. Brightening up their shade is the first place to start and this season we have a pro tip from COLOR.ME Education Manager, James Nicholson and COLOR.ME Design Director, Kate Reid that will take your hair colour to new heights!

According to COLOR.ME Education Manager James Nicholson (@jamesthehairdresser), “CLEAR is the MAXI.WASH of the COLOR.ME world.” He applies CLEAR to his clients to brighten blonde shades and add shine. While COLOR.ME Design Director Kate Reid (@hairfashionstyler) utilises CLEAR mixed with target shades to add luminosity and luster, creating reflect without the depth. As the most versatile colour in the range, it has become her go-to for refreshing colours.  

Leave It To The Angels


COLOURING.ANGELS is the best at-home care system to share with your clients. With four great formulas and countless combinations, this is the go-to treatment for keeping the client’s colour in check between appointments.  AUTUMN.ANGEL adds a rosy hint, COOL.ANGEL leaves things ashy and icy, SUGARED.ANGEL is what beige dreams are made of, while CRYSTAL.ANGEL is the perfect gloss for any shade – adding shine and luster!

Add Some Shimmer!


SHIMMER.ME and SHIMMER.ME BLONDE have always been fan favourites – they are a unique treatment formulated to condition the hair while enhancing colour. This is a must-have to send clients home with this season! SHIMMER.ME is made for all types of hair colours, while SHIMMER.ME BLONDE was specially formulated for highlighted, blonde or grey shades and will create shine while cutting down on breakage.

Sometimes, refreshing your hair colour doesn’t have to mean that you need to do a complete overhaul. Consistency in appointments, new colour tactics, and at-home remedies can spruce up your style and refresh your shade. Be sure to check in with your stylist about the best options for your colour!  

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