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Serious question: is it a good idea to go for a big transition the first time you visit a new stylist? For a while, I had it in my mind that I should pick a haircut based on a stylist, and therefore ask that stylist for their “signature cut”. If you think about it, going to someone new for the first time is much like a first (blind) date. You two don’t know each other yet and there is a feeling-out period. Just like with any relationship, it takes time to build trust, figure out styles, and ultimately how to work together. So, next question: how do you get to know a new stylist?

After an excess of highlights, a Brazilian, and some more highlights mixed with floating in the Mediterranean Sea for a month, my hair was toast. Brittle ends and dreadfully dry, my plan was to chop it all off into some 90s, #VSCOgirl-esque, drama cut bob. Show of hands, who else has felt this way lately?

I had a haircut appointment for well over 4 months and was counting down the days, changing my decision pretty much every other day. I asked my husband what I should do each morning as we walked the dog and he was about ready to cut it for me.

The entire time leading up to it I was mentally preparing to lob it off into a blunt Castle Bob. When I sat in the chair, prepped and ready. I hurriedly told him what I wanted as my heart started flittering from nerves. Instead, the hairstylist said, “let’s leave the length”. So it’s about 4 weeks post-exciting haircut and… not much has changed except the balance in my bank account.

My husband was the first person I called after my appointment and he seemed a little disappointed that I didn’t get the haircut I was planning for, and I started to feel the same way too. While I appreciate the candor and the blunt opinion to just leave it as it was I walked away wondering if he actually heard me. I thought I wanted a change, but maybe he sensed that I really didn’t…

How do you navigate your “first date” appointments with your clients? When is the right time to push versus pull and have you had any mishaps or success stories? We’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to us on social media to tell your story!