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Every stylist knows that the tools they use are imperative to the work they create. From shears to brushes and even foils! Making the choices we make behind the chair even easier, foil company Foil Me™️ is offering more sustainable choices when it comes to highlighting foils.

‘It’s a common misconception that aluminium foil can’t be recycled and I don’t want to claim that we are special in doing this, however we feel it’s important to put the message of recycling first before product sales by letting everyone know that all foil is recyclable and made from a percentage of recycled aluminum.’ – Emily Ciardiello

Making waves (and highlights) around the world, Foil Me is excited to announce their latest US Brand Ambassador Evan Stowers! Owner of The Desert Lounge Salon in Utah, Evan’s career has always been centered around color, even before he became a hairdresser. To learn more about Foil Me here and keep reading to learn about his journey behind the chair, why he loves color and more about his signature style.

Tell us more about you as an artist.

I would say I’m a pretty average artist, and like others, my love of hair started young and was paired with music.  

My mom was a hairdresser working in Newport Beach for a short time.  We later moved to Utah where she continued to cut my hair.  I was picky and didn’t like her cutting off my sideburns, so at 12 I picked up cutting. Just simple stuff with clippers and guards, and it evolved from there.  

As punk rockers, we colored our hair a lot. After seeing my mom do it a few times I got the gist of it and started coloring at 14.  I messed around with hair school at 18 and dropped out at 19 to play more music. Then picked it back up again at 23.  

As a musician I never felt I was gifted, it was something I had to work at. I feel like that’s been the same for me with hair. I’m grateful to my parents for instilling a good work ethic in me.  

As a stylist, I would say I’m in love with the fluidity of hair and how it flows on each head so differently. 


When did you first fall in love with color?

When I was 14 I watched my mom bleach my friend’s hair. It didn’t look too hard so I took over after that.  We didn’t use a gloss/toner - we had no idea what it was - so I just applied the lightener and waited for the desired color.  

At 15/16 I used to also go to Sally’s Beauty Supply and buy color. I remember experimenting between natural brown (red based) and ash brown (green based).  We didn’t like the red look so we all used to walk around with green/brown hair. It never occurred to me to mix the two.  

At 17, I had a great idea to color my hair dark brown then pull it through a cap and bleach the tips, so that was a thing for a while.  Or almost black hair with a blonde patch in the front like the Good Charlotte punk rock days.  

I think color to me was my way of expressing myself.  

From where do you draw inspiration?

Being from California originally I think I pull a lot of hair inspiration from the beach.  I love following surfers. I like to see their hair, and how the elements have pushed their color. Or what their hair looks like when it’s super gritty.  

I love the culture of skateboarding and punk rock.  I love the way teenagers experiment with hair and clothing. To me, there’s still a sense of not conforming and playing it safe.  

I’m a bit of a rooter for the underdog. 

With so much the same on social media there’s beauty in the chaos of being young and finding your way.  I like those outliers. 


What is your signature style?

I’m very much into the lived-in look of our current era. I would say 90% of my work is highlighting - hence the working with foils. I guess ever since I was young I was drawn to lightening the hair.

Sounds crazy, but I enjoy the challenge of lifting through underlying pigment then overlaying a color to reach the desired result. I like the rhythm of foiling and the different patterns or techniques you use to create a look.  

Initially, a lot of my inspiration derived from Johnny Ramirez and Erik Hagen.   

I remember reading about how Johnny studied his daughter’s hair and came up with the inspo for the color he does.  Having four kids myself, I started to watch the colors in my kids’ hair and how it evolved & changed with the elements/seasons.  My kids definitely inspire how I do hair now.  

Also, I’ve been studying a lot of Australian hair.  There’s something about Australians and blondes that blows me away.  

How did you start working with Foil Me? How did you know that it was a good fit?

I started working with Foil Me over 2 years ago. I don’t remember initially how we met but I will tell you I sure dug their vibe and appreciated them returning my questions on Instagram.  

I’m the person who reaches out to people on Instagram if I like what they’re doing.  Weird to some, but I’ve made some amazing friendships this way.  My correspondence with Foil Me was always excellent and eventually, I started talking to the Co-Founder and Owner, Emily.

She was so genuine and had such passion for what she was doing, I remember thinking how amazing these people were for innovating a foil to help us colorists do our job better.  

I feel in love with Foil Me the instant I used their foils and after that, I was hooked and became and continue to be a loyal supporter.  


Tell us more about being an ambassador.

I’m so lucky to be selected as the Foil Me Ambassador for the USA. I’m hoping that by being an ambassador I can spread more awareness of the Foil Me brand and how great they are!

I really think they are the best foils on the market and more people need to know about them.  Their Grip Me collection has helped me so much with my precision, and timing as a colorist.  


What is your favorite style to create with foils?

My favorite style to create with foils would be the lived-in look, or high end/low maintenance look as I like to call it. #hilo #hilohair 

I love creating dimensional blondes/looks that last over time.  My favorite thing is hearing a client has gone months and their hair still gets better and better.  


Any pro tips you can give to our readers?

Yes! Try the foil me, Grip Me collection! You won’t regret it.  These foils have helped me improve my game so much!

They’re wider and longer so I’m able to cover a lot more space and be a better stylist.  I’m not saying they’re magic, but any tool to help you be a better craftsman, I’m into it!

For more information on Evan Stowers follow him on Instagram at @evanstowers and @thedesertloungesalon

Foil Me™ ‘s unique and sought after foils are available in the US through Beauty Route. Simply call 1-877-355-6006 or visit