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Unveiling a groundbreaking new partnership in the beauty industry – Redken, the leader in professional color, and Mizani, the leader in professional textured haircare and styling are teaming up to bring a new wave of education to stylists and salons everywhere! This new partnership brings together their love for salon professionals, the professional industry, color, education, and textured hair. Their goal? To give salon professionals the tools needed to expand their skillsets and in turn, confidently color, care and style textured hair. 

All too often stylists are either intimidated or not accurately educated to offer services to naturally textured clients. With the tides turning away from combatting curls and instead toward embracing them, learning how to care (and color) textured hair is crucial. The movement toward inclusivity is seen everywhere and has been one of the biggest trends in fashion and everyday lifestyle. “It is all about diversion and inclusivity, which is a positive ongoing journey for the industry”, said Redken Global Creative Director Guido Palau in an interview earlier this year. We are seeing these trends trickle down into salons - which is why this partnership is such a momentous occasion.

Currently, 65% of consumers have textured hair[1] and the needs of textured hair have been previously neglected by the professional industry. With consumers embracing natural beauty more and more, relaxers have declined by almost 50% from 2014 to 2019[2]This shift has given consumers the option to experiment with color without worrying it will result in damage caused by using relaxers and color together. It also creates an even greater need to educate stylists on how to color and lighten textured hair, without compromising the curl pattern or hair health, and how to replenish the hair with the right balance of protein and moisture via care and styling.

The perfect partnership - merging Redken’s expertise in color and Mizani’s expertise in textured haircare and styling - the brands will empower stylists through inclusive education and superior product offerings and as a result, give clients unlimited options to play with color with help from the right care and styling products.



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When speaking to the partnership, Redken US General Manager Leslie Marino shared, “As the leading professional color brand, we believe that all clients can enjoy the benefits of professional color services without jeopardizing the integrity of their hair. Our color portfolio gives professionals the tools they need to color and lighten textured hair with care, from Shades EQ, our acidic demi-permanent hair gloss that does not lift the hair or disrupt the curl pattern, to Flash Lift Bonder Inside, our lightener that protects the bonds while lightening. You can’t speak to color, without stressing the importance of post-color care, and that’s why we turned to Mizani, the expert in haircare and styling for textured hair, to be our partner. By combining our specialties, we are able to fill a gap in the professional hair industry and give stylists the support, education and products they need to color, care and style textured hair in the way it deserves.” 

Mizani General Manager Teresa Lopez states, “We are thrilled to be partnering with Redken because Mizani shares so much in common. From our mutual respect for the science of the hair fiber, to our products formulated with protein and moisture, to our active-based approach to education, to setting the trends from the most wearable styles to the most aspirational looks. This last point is maybe the most critical for the textured guest because she changes her look up to 30 times a year and counts on her stylist to guide that journey with the right products for each of those looks. One day it’s a twist-out. The next visit it’s a protective style. She needs the right care and styling products for each look and Mizani is the only brand that services that broad landscape of creativity in one single brand assortment.”

The amount of excitement between these two brands is palpable throughout as everyone from brand executives to artists and between are looking forward to this next evolutionary step in the industry. In addition to this collaboration, Redken and Mizani are excited to welcome top texture experts Leysa Carrillo (@leysahairandmakeup) and Rachel Redd (@rachel_redd) to the Redken and Mizani family as joint Redken x Mizani Brand Ambassadors. 

Leysa and Rachel will be working alongside Mizani Global Artistic Director Pekela Riley (@pekelariley) and key members of the Redken and Mizani artist network including, Redken Artists George Garcia (@georgegarciaredken) and Lindsey Olsen (@lindsey.marie.olsonand Mizani Artists Evie Johnson (@contactevieand Jamal Edmonds (@lamajbackwards), to name a few. Alongside these expertsRedken and Mizani will be reaching stylists with inclusive education through The Redken Exchange, partner salons, SalonCentric stores and at top professional trade shows.

Redken x Mizani Brand Ambassador Leysa Carrillo described the partnership as a “dream come true,” explaining that “I remember walking into five different salons and hearing over and over that no one could do my hair. At that moment, I felt left out and insecure, when all I wanted was to feel beautiful. Flash forward to today, my goal is to educate stylists on how to work with textured hair so all clients can feel beautiful. I always say, I don’t do magic – I do the right hair, for the right people, with the right products – and I am honored to continue my journey with Redken and Mizani.”  

Redken x Mizani Brand Ambassador Rachel Redd called the partnership “amazing” stating, “when I started off in the industry, I was the only person in the room who looked like me. Determined to be the unexpected by being myself, I worked as a full-time color assistant in New York City, with the goal of mastering haircolor and applying all I learned on textured hair.  For me, this partnership is all about inclusivity and making a positive impact on the professional hair industry.” 

With the goal to bring texture care and color education to artists everywhere, we are excited to see where this new partnership takes the beauty industry. Be sure to tune back here and on social media @Redken and @Mizani to see the transformation take place!