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Fall has always been a time of transition and new beginnings. Often called the “second New Year,” there is just something about this season that motivates clients to try out a new style. If runways are any indication, clients everywhere will be looking for individualized ways to update their go-to blonde, bronde and brunette shades. Although traditionally fall is a time for cool, deep shades, we’re seeing some hues cool down while others are heating up - proving that anything goes this year. To jumpstart transitions and offer quick and easy salon appointments, utilizing semi-permanent shades is the best way to create swift change without a huge commitment. Keep reading to learn some of the top shade predictions and formulas for fall and winter.


Rosy hues have been a fan favorite the past few seasons and aren’t wavering this fall. Utilizing the LuxeLights placement technique - a service that enriches the root area with a soft shadow effect while revealing natural highs and lows within the lengths and ends - partnered with a hint of dusty rose is the perfect transition for blonde clients looking for a fresh finish. “The addition of these blush shades comes at a perfect time, when my blonde clients are asking more and more for a trending rosy look to change things up.” Says Wella Professionals Brand Ambassador Briana Cisneros. The other great thing about this placement is the ability to create natural transitions for both gray and non-gray coverage clients.

The Formulas

 A: 30g Freelights Powder + 45g 9% Freelights Developer

B: 20g Color Touch 8/35 + 40g Color Touch Developer 1.9%

C: 20g Color Touch 9/75 + 40g Color Touch Developer 1.9%

The Steps

Step 1: Divide the hair into two sections on each side of the head, leaving the hair out at the nape.

Step 2: Starting in the front, apply formula A section by section to the lengths and ends. Continue towards the crown area.

Step 3: Repeat on the other side working from front hairline to crown. Blend formula A onto the surface of the hair for a soft, seamless transition. Let this develop until a level 9/0 is achieved. Then, shampoo and neutralize with Blondor Seal & Care.

Step 4: Apply formula B to the root area and stretch the color over the line of regrowth for a blended finish.

Step 5: Apply formula C to the lengths and ends of the hair using your fingers or a comb to blend into the root color. Develop, rinse, shampoo and neutralize with ColorMotion+ Express Post Color Treatment.



A modern take on a traditional red, copper is quickly becoming a go-to shade for clients of all hair types and textures. A bright pop of color that still feels natural - copper can be tailored to both warm and cool skin tones. This season, glossing is offering a modern take on the color by layering various depths and hues to create dimension. “I've been craving a muted red to add to my collection, these will be great for my clients looking for that cool copper look.” Wella Global Creative Artist Sonya Dove.

The Formulas

A: 10g Color Touch 7/43 + 10g Color Touch 8/41 + 40g Color Touch Developer 1.9%

B: 10g Color Touch 8/41 + 10g Color Touch 9/16 + 40g Color Touch Developer 1.9%

C: 10g Color Touch 10/34 + 20g Color Touch Developer 4%

D: 20g Color Touch 10/34 + Color Touch 5g 8/43 + 50g Color Touch Developer 1.9%

The Steps

Step 1: Prepare the hair with ColorMotion+ Pre-Treatment. Apply formula A to the root area making sure to apply slightly over the line of regrowth.

Step 2: Beginning at the nape, take a diagonal section and apply formula B to the lengths and ends.

Step 3: As you work up the head toward the crown, continue to take 1cm slices, alternating each with formulas B, C, D until you reach the top. Then, repeat on the other side.

Step 4: Develop for 20 minutes, rinse and neutralize with ColorMotion+ Express Post Color Treatment.



In an effort to tone down sun exposure and washed out highlights, many brunettes default to their natural hue as the temperatures begin to drop. However, this season we’re seeing brunettes take on much warmer variations of their traditional tone down. As we hold on to summer, adding subtly placed warm brunette highlights can help enhance face-framing layers or help natural texture appear more pronounced. 

The Formulas

A: 30g Blondorplex + 45g Welloxon Perfect 6%

B: 20 Koleston Perfect 5/71 + 20g Koleston Perfect 5/0 + 40g Welloxon Perfect 6%

C: 20g Koleston Perfect 7/75 + 20g Welloxon Perfect 1.9% + 20g Post Color Treatment

The Steps

Step 1: Divide the hair into five sections. Do this by creating the typical four-quadrant sectioning and adding a fifth at the top of the crown. 

Step 2: Taking large horizontal weaves, apply formula A from root to tip.

Step 3: Repeat the technique throughout all perimeter sections. Leaving the top section out. *Pro-tip: Uneven weaves create a more natural effect on curly hair.

Step 4: Deepen the root area with Formula B. Develop until orange/yellow. Rinse, and apply Wellaplex No#2 for 10 minutes. Then, shampoo and neutralize with Blondor Seal & Care.

Step 5: For a luxury high-shine finish with a soft tone, apply Formula C from root to tip. Develop and rinse until the water runs clear.


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