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Drawing inspiration from architecture, Manuel Mon's (@manuelmonoficial) Gaudilia collection that earned him a Finalist spot as International Hairstylist of the Year for the Canadian Contessa Awards 2022/2023 focuses on spectacular details and stunning structures. Inspired by Gaudi, with spires and shapes that mirror his gothic and art nouveau themes. Keep scrolling to see his collection in its entirety. 

"Imitating Gaudí columns with hyperbolic domes, arborescent shapes with helical growth topped by inflorescences built on their own skeleton. Nature plays with architecture and hair, reinterpreting the genius of a unique and unrepeatable vision. Neutral white and meticulous details in the spicules as an architectural finishing touch, harmonizing the image and creating overlapping, fitted volumes." — Manuel Mon



Hair: Manuel Mon | @manuelmonoficial

Photography: Bernardo Baragaño | @vertigoestudio

MUA: María Montes | @__mariamontes__

Styling: Ana González

Model: Heidy Díaz

Products: Revlon Professional Instagram: @revlonprofessional_es