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Design and Color: Geneva Cowen Artistic Director for Sam Villa
Photography: Shalem Mathew
Makeup: Maria Camacho
Wardrobe: Gianna Foltz

gen-der flu-id adjective : Not conforming to fixed gender roles

In the past, feminine shapes have been typically rounder and men’s shapes have been leaner. Today, we see a trend that is diverse in applying both options to each gender. We see that there is an opportunity in our creativity to blend the two.

We are currently in new territory where gender roles become more fluid and shapes become less dictated in some facets of our clientele. Some of our guests are looking for shapes that can be styled ultra-feminine or masculine depending on the mood of the day. Take this as an opportunity for creative freedom.

Do not leave behind what you know about both genders and take time in the consultation to find our what your guest is looking for and adapt your approach. Give different options for styling and product recommendations to support your looks. A guest that has the shape, skill, and resources to look different every day will generate income to your salon business.

We always work for the best compliment you can ever get as a stylist, “Who does your hair?” Give your guest the best education and tools to market you even if they are just popping into the grocery store with their amazing skin fade – male or female!

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