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There’s been quite the revolution in the beauty industry when it comes to the silhouette of haircuts. While long, soft layers have been popular the past few seasons, we’re seeing distinct cuts take shape again as clients are moving from bobs and lobs to even more texture within shags and the modern mullet. Creating effortless inspiration for the season ahead, Indira Schauwecker is debuting her latest rendition with “On Your Bike”. She sees this style as one the sporty, dynamic, adventurous and independent girl would rock. Emulating feelings of freedom and experimental status. From sexy biker shorts to leather and heels; all fashion elements of strength and self-confidence. Keep reading to learn more about the inspiration and see just how to get the look!


The direct inspiration for the shape was taken from a biker’s helmet, the technique was designed to emulate the solid rounded shape and the softness of hair blowing in the wind. 


Strength and softness are key elements within this technique, along with understanding the proportions of bone structure and suitability of where the outline of the silhouette is placed. With the layering technique natural texture, proportion and hair density are all taken into consideration to create a perfect harmony between the two elements.


  1. A radial section is taken, two curved sections on the profile are taken from the lower recession to behind the ear.  A profile section is taken behind the radial, elevation and distribution is 90 degrees and cut round following the head until you get to the occipital bone.  After that drop your layers slightly to get tighter in the nape, this technique is repeated behind the radial following rounded sections.
  2. The fringe length is decided by taking a profile section and bringing it to the front.
  3. The first guide is cut on its guide and cut vertically to create slight graduation at the front of the fringe area. Continuing to use this guide in the same way, create a rounded fringe in front of the radial. The guide is taken from behind and a round layer technique is applied in the front connecting the top and the fringe.
  4. The profile section is divided in two diagonal back sections and the side is cut T to the parting and elevated at one-fingers depth, creating a rounded strong outline around the cheekbones.  Continue to bring the rest of the hair to this line and check the balance on both sides.
  5. Starting on the higher part of the sections the guide of the round layer is used to soften and blend the top layer with the sides. Taking diagonal back sections and over direct everything to the top guide and cut square.
  6. Apply label.m Blow Out Spray and Sea Salt Spray before drying and personalising, with some deep point cutting, finishing with Powder to Wax.



Art direction: Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck

Make-up: Lan Nguyen

Styling: Veronika Greenhill

Photographs: Jack Eames