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2023 has just begun, but we’re already seeing major style trends set in motion. Whether you’re asking for the latest Chopped Bob (a.k.a the modern wolf cut) or are considering finally adding a fringe this season, you’re not alone. Clients have been heading to the salon in droves, looking for a fresh style to start the new year with. But, with infinite amounts of inspiration, you might be wondering how to choose a style that suits you.

Curious about what to ask for in the salon? We’ve done some digging.

The thing about asking for a true 70s fringe or 90s layers is that depending on your hair type, unless you’re going to style this look every day, you’re probably going to end up disliking your cut. This is because it's not just about picking a cut that’s in style or on trend; it's essential to find one that fits your look and lifestyle.

From the bixie to shag bangs, 70s curtain fringe and the wolf cut bob, there are infinite haircut trends everywhere way we look. And while these might not fit exactly what you need, the common denominator is that most of the haircut trends in circulation highlight texture through the use of ghost layers.

What are ghost layers?


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Traditional layers create short pieces on the top of the hair that is longer than underneath. The idea is to remove weight and create movement to capitalize on a shape or silhouette. The problem with traditional layers is that they might not actually work for your hair type, especially if you want to wear your hair naturally wavy or curly.

Ghost layers use a technique to remove weight from the hair in a less uniform way. Instead of following a strict guideline, point and slide cutting are used to shape the hair based on your individual texture and style.

The overall appearance has a shaggier, piecey feel to it that works exceptionally well with a wide range of textures and can be a softer way of adding shape to long hair without taking off too much length.