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From catwalks to TikTok, everywhere we look, there’s a hair trend circulating that isn’t a new color or a cut. Instead, searches are up for how to get glossy hair. Whether you’re looking to get “liquid” or “glass” hair, it's the health of your hair that will make all the difference. Below we’re detailing a few essential tips to help you get a shiny finish.

Just like any other hair trend, shiny hair is a commitment. It might not be as high-maintenance as others, but achieving healthy, glossy, glass-like strands requires time, patience, and a few changes to your routine both in the salon and at home.

In-Salon Treatments for Shiny Hair

The best place to start is in the salon if your hair needs a refresh. In addition to in-salon treatments, this is a great chance to consult your stylist about the best adjustments to your daily routine.

Semi Color

Keune Semi Color is ideal if you want to switch up your shade, subtly alter your tone, or enhance your natural color with a clear gloss. This Demi-permanent hair color line is ammonia-free, vegan, and gluten-free and was designed to create impeccable shine and soft, silky results.

Miracle Elixir

This intensively nourishing keratin treatment restores and repairs damaged hair to reveal softer, more nourished hair. This concentrated treatment can easily be added to any salon service or scheduled as a stand-alone appointment.


Spa Creambath

Sit back, relax, and allow the transformative powers of Spa Creambath to do all the work at your next appointment. After application, the formula is massaged into the scalp for a spa-like experience. This salon service concentrates on improving the scalp and the strands to moisturize the structure of the hair and protect weakened areas of your strands.

Bond Fusion

Color, heat, and styling can compromise the hair’s structure leading to damage, breakage, and uneven results. Bond Fusion restores broken bonds to improve hair color while also caring for the structure of the hair, strengthening it twice as much as untreated colored hair.

At-Home Tips For Glossy Hair

The daily habits you have can have a significant impact on the health of your hair. Switching up a few of them in addition to targeted hair care can repair damage and increase shine.

Turn Down Your Temps

We all love a steamy shower, but washing hair under too hot of water can make it brittle, leading to breakage and aggravating your scalp. In addition, heat styling is another factor that can ruin the integrity of your hair. Cutting down on the number of times a week your heat style + adding in a heat protectant like Style Blowout Gelee or Style Instant Blowout any time you do will immediately improve your shine factor.

Nourish Your Hair

Don’t just leave the self-care for the salon. Investing in masks that you can apply weekly or bi-weekly help increase the moisture and condition of the hair. Plus, they’re a great excuse to have a little me time. There is a range of Care masks that you can add to your routine. For best results, pick one based on your hair type and needs.   

Utilize Care Lumi Coat

An advanced styling range that includes Care Lumi Coat Luminous Shine Spray and Care Lumi Coat Supreme Cream that noticeably improves the finish and feel of the hair. This nourishing line contains fiber-sealing technology that smooths the hair cuticle to reveal that glass-like shine you’re after. Creating a protective layer around the strand, it helps shield hair from further damage with more conditioning and smoothness.