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Inspiration can be found in the every day. It just takes a new perspective to learn how to harness what might be inconsequential moments into powerful creativity. This is exactly what Adrian Gutierrez did with his latest collection. Each day, Adrian observes his garden while drinking tea before heading to work. This is where shapes and texture came to life - from nature. Keep reading to learn more about his latest collection, how he got to where he is today! 

On the inspiration behind the collection: What elements or places in nature did you draw each of these images from?

My inspiration is from boxwood shrubs.  I have many in my garden and in the morning, when I am drinking my tea before I go to work, I admire the texture and infinite shapes you can create with them.

How do you find yourself connecting with nature?

Each place I travel, I take time to admire elements specific to that area.  I gain inspiration on the acclamation of the botanical plants that region has to offer in terms of texture, fragrance, shape, and color.

What is it about nature that draws your creative eye to it?

I think nature displays the essential dynamics of my creation which are texture, color, density, and shape.

How did you take this collection from inspiration to creation?

I saw the texture of the boxwood shrub and wanted to emulate the texture in hair.  There are 200 different types and each boxwood expresses differently in density and texture, which then allows me to design different shapes depending on the tightness and looseness of the texture.

How much time was spent on each design?

Between 3 and 5 weeks.

What was your favorite aspect of shooting this collection?

Working with Damien Carney, Nikko Kefalas, and Joanne Gair was the highlight of the photoshoot.  Their collaboration together made the collection come alive.

Where do you think hair movements will be traveling this season?

I believe that hair will be moving with classic and elegant waves in geometric shapes.

Who were your biggest mentors and how did they shape your career?

The Sassoon Academy with Mark Hayes and Traci Sakosits, Tim Hartley education, Tina haukjaer Andersen, Ted Gibson and Jason Backe, and Damien Carney are my greatest mentors.  The Sassoon Academy has helped me understand the elemental techniques lines, layers, and graduation and how that can be applied into the shape.  Ted Gibson and Jason Backe have shared how to be a better professional hairdresser behind the chair and to have your prices reflect your value. Last, but not least, Damien Carney is a true artist that has taught me how to combine my professionalism, knowledge, and refinement of detail in shoots into a very high editorial arena.

What can we look forward to next?

For my next collection, I have fallen in love with Santa Monica’s ocean and all the textures associated including waves, foam, sand, and shells with iridescent tones.

— Adrian Gutierrez, Creative Director at Free Spirit Salon   


Hair – Adrian Gutierrez

Photographer – Damien Carney

MUA – Joanne Gair

Clothes Stylist – Nikko Kefalas