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Social media has become one of the most effective tools you can use to grow your business. A highly visual platform, it is a marketing dream come true for the beauty industry. During this time, it is especially useful to grow your online presence to help communicate with clients and rebuild your book. From creating hair tutorials to offering inspiration and making announcements — now is the time to grow a robust social media presence. With constant updates it can be quite dizzying to stay on top of the latest algorithm changes, so keep reading for best practices for beauty accounts as well as our top tips for growing your social media

Pick Your Platforms

Instagram and Facebook are the obvious and easiest choices, however, Pinterest and Twitter are also great places to leverage your content. And with scheduling applications like Buffer, Later or Planoly, oftentimes you can create posts that auto-populates across multiple platforms!


It is important to define a cohesive aesthetic from the start. The same way you plan a cut or a color service, having an idea of what you would like your channels to look like Is key. Think about your ideal client and who you are looking to attract. Next, find a way to consistently create content that fits into this aesthetic. From investing in a ring light to setting aside space in the salon — make sure you have a clean and clear background with good lighting. When photographing hair, lighting can play a large role in the way shades are perceived. Check out this post demonstrating just that


No matter your organizational style, planning ahead and sticking to your strategy will help you meet your goals. The best way to do this is to think of the larger picture. Break down the years, seasons, trends, and/or monthly themes as a starting point. Define a few key topics within each category that you would like to cover and then decide on how many posts a month you need to create to do this. Check with your distributor or salon about upcoming sale initiatives, dive into trend reports and follow the latest education techniques from Wella Professionals to learn about upcoming movements. 

Once you’ve decided what you’ll be posting, move onto the how. Staying organized from the start you can utilize Google Docs or social media-specific platform to keep you on track. You’ll be surprised how much more productive you’ll be with a bit of structure!

Finally, don’t forget hashtags, locations and hard tags! By utilizing these key Instagram and Facebook functions, it allows your posts to be discovered. Once you’ve created your content, you’ll want to put effort into finding specific hashtags to grow your following. Additionally, be sure to tag the brand of the products or tools you’ve used to ensure they see the work you’re creating. This can help get you noticed and therefore featured on their pages as well. 


Success on social media all comes down to your consistency. From posting times to photo aesthetic and the use of hashtags — set goals and guidelines that you can stick to in order to grow your audience.