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With distinctive cuts and luscious color, Michael Piastrino and Adrian Rotolo of Ibiza Hair have created a feast for the eyes. In their latest collection, Famiglia, they debut six models that range in color from warm to cool. Shaved sides, long undone locks and natural textured styles complement each contrasting shade. Inspired by their own families, each style represents memories of their life. Check out the styles below and see what the artists had to say about their work.

When Michael Piastrino and Adrian Rotolo thought of their next photographic creative collaboration, one word kept coming up in the conversation - family. 

‘Famiglia’ showcases cuts and colours inspired by childhood memories, recollections of family gatherings and particular items associated with growing up. 

Deep orange hues elicit memories of Nonna’s backyard orange tree, striking blues and silvers are reminiscent of Nonna’s teacups, matte purple shades reflect colours from tablecloths at Sunday family lunches. 

Michael used dry cutting techniques to creat the desired styles as he wanted to feel the hair in its natural state and with its subsequent movement. Adrian created the stunning colors, using a combination of freehand painting, foiling, and cleansing the hair to be able to colour the hair and achieve the desired dramatic and striking colour palette. 

Each ‘Famiglia’ image represents one thing - family and memories important to the duo providing that inspiration can be derived from any moment in time, item or a memory of a happening or something previously created.  

To see even more of Michael Piastrino and Adrian Rotolo's work, be sure to stalk them on Bangstyle and stay tuned for their latest releases.


Credits: Hair: Michael Piastrino 
Colour: Adrian Rotolo
Photography: Andrew O’Toole 
Makeup: Kylie O'Toole 
Styling: Elaine Marshall