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Men’s hairstyles are forever evolving. One minute, spiky, rock-hard tips are in, the next minute long, bedhead-looking locks reign supreme. The latest trend commanding attention? Men’s highlights. That’s right, the top-requested service for women is now becoming a mainstay in salons around the country. But if you think this trend resembles anything close to a woman’s style, think again. Men’s highlights are all about enhancing natural color and adding dimension, rather than giving strands an overall lightened effect. Of course, there’s a science to achieving “naturally” sun-kissed strands. Read on to find out the top highlighted styles for every hair color.


For those on the lighter side, it’s best to stick with pale tones that are just a few shades lighter than your natural color. Those with dark blonde hues have a little more wiggle room. Since the trend is all about looking natural, you can play around with lighter blond highlights and even darker lowlights for extra dimension and texture. Pair this color with Light Hold Texture Lotion for the ultimate beach-worthy blonde style. 


Men with a lighter brown color have more options with their highlights as well. Lighter caramel shades as well as golden blonde tones give a youthful vibrancy to brown locks. On the flip side, men with darker brown hair need to tread lightly as anything brighter than a soft brown shade will look unnatural. Style your new hue by using Alternator on damp strands and blowing dry for a dreamy brunette finish!


While highlights are not recommended for those with thinning or balding hair due to the potential for further hair damage, strategically-placed lowlights can actually give you a more youthful appearance. Ask your stylist to mask the appearance of grays by painting lowlights in a shade that matches your natural hair color. This will add contrast to the gray tones and brighten up your overall look. Another tip: Opt for a shampoo formulated to take out any brassy or yellow tones in graying hair and restore moisture to dry strands like American Crew Gray Shampoo.

The revolution of men’s styling has officially begun and we couldn’t be more excited to give you all the tips, tricks and techniques to achieve a style of your own. Check out American Crew on Bangstyle and stay tuned for even more styles!