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In the past, hair color was considered a major taboo for guys, a service reserved solely for men looking to discreetly cover up their grays. Now, dudes everywhere are embracing color—and you should too, whether you want a subtle color change or a bold dye job. Keep reading to discover three reasons why you should add a coloring service to your next cut.

Color can be subtle


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There are no boundaries when it comes to hair color, and even a slight change in tone can make a noticeable difference. If you’re interested in mixing up your natural shade, experiment with a few highlights and lowlights. Or, if you’re feeling daring, add subtle hints of bold color for an edgy look that isn’t too over-the-top.

Color can be expressive


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Your hair should be an extension of you—whether you want to sport a laid-back, low-key style or an eye-catching pastel hue. The best part? Color doesn’t last forever, meaning you can change up your shade as often as you change your mood.

Color is empowering


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Hair color shouldn’t be something that you’re ashamed of, whether you opt for a natural shade or a mega-watt neon hue. In fact, you can use color to highlight the attributes that make you you. For example, if you’re finding too many gray hairs, why not embrace them with a cool silvery shade? Hair color should be fun, experimental and an outlet for you to show off your personal style—and look good while doing it!